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Vision cameras, the hearts of vision system....

Machine Vision Lenses Every Pixels Count ... Choose the right Lens and make every pixel work for you ! Image Processing Libraries Image Processing Libraries, the brain of vision applications Frame Grabber &
Interface card
Connecting Cameras to PCs
Machine Vision
Lighting and Controllers
All vision requires lights..... Good Vision comes with the right light.
Line Scan Camera Highest Resolution Highest Speed Highest Sensitivities 3D Cameras Pushing the Frontier of Vision Technologies Cables and Connectors Fully tested inter-connects simplify seamless connections.

Company Overview

Vital Vision Technology was founded in 2003.

We supplies full range of vision components.

We strive to provide you the best pre-sales design-in consultations, concept proving, testing supports, as well as post sales integration supports.

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Industry : Food & Beverage

Product : Beverage Bottle

Inspection Requirement : To ensure the consistency of liquid level. To check defects on bottle seal.

Industry : Packaging

Product : Packaging material

Inspection Requirement : To inspect printing on packaging material. Reading of barcode label.

Industry : Electronics

Product : Printed Circuit Board

Inspection Requirement : check position and orientation of of SMD components mounted on board to inspect...

Industry : Electronics

Product : Wirebond

Inspection Requirement : To perform measurement on wireloop height in submicron accuracy To detect broken or missing wires, sagging of wires...

Industry : Solar

Product : Solar wafer

Inspection Requirement : inspection of crack on solar panel, To detect foreign material or bump on wafer

Industry : Automotive

Product : Body Panel

Inspection Requirement : To detect presencs/absences of components to inspect shape and position on automotive parts.

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Product : Pills or Tablets

Inspection Requirement : Verify on color consistency of tablets. To check on missing or incomplete mold label on pills

Industry : Electronics

Product : Ball Grid Array

Inspection Requirement : To perform ball height measurement. To detect missing ball and bridging defects.

News & Events

Vision Seminar 2017 Penang @ Olive Tree

April 27 2017

9am – 6pm

Olive Room – The Olive Tree Hotel

MSE 2017 Manufacturing Solutions Exhibition

25 Р27 October 2017 Singapore EXPO Booth : B35

Come visit us at the upcoming MSE Singapore Booth