Machine Vision Lenses

Machine Vision Lenses

Every Pixels are created by converting Photons to electrons, and these photons pass through the optics before reaching the sensor. Choosing the right lens for the right application is one of the most important step to a successful vision application.

Machine Vision Lenses Lens

Vital Vision Technology offers a wide varieties of Machine Vision Lenses design for both specific and general machine vision applications.

Telecentric Lens : Machine Vision Lenses design for Measurement.

  • VS-THV(1.1) Series – Optimized for 12MP 1.1″ 3.45um Cameras “Equal O/I Optical Design”.
  • VS-TCT Series – Super High Resolution Telecentric Lenses, Supports 1.67µm, 10 megapixel camera.
  • VS-THV Series 1” Telecentric Lenses Variable aperture allows DOF and contrast adjustment
  • VS-TEV Series 1.1″ Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses
  • APT & VS-TC Series Standard Telecentric Lenses. Variety of Magnifications: 0.5-10x : 1.5x / 3.0x / 5.0x
  • VS-TCH Series High Resolution Telecentric Lenses. Distortionless and high contrast design
  • VS-TCM Series (large Format) Designed for more than 1.1″ large format sensors and high resolution cameras.
  • VS-TCM Series (MegaPixel) Megapixel Telecentric Lenses. Suitable for AOI, high accuracy inspection and measurement.
  • VS-TM Series  – Telecentric Microscope Lenses. High Resolution & Performance Telecentric Lenses.
  • VS-TEC Series  – Variable Magnification Telecentric Lenses. Supports 5 Megapixel, next generation Telecentric Macro Lenses

Low Distortion Macro LensLow Distortion/ Vibration Resistance Machine Vision Lenses

  • VS-LLD Series 4/3” High Resolution Distortionless Macro Lenses.
  • VS-LDA Series – Distortionless Macro Lenses Focal length 4mm-75mm models.
  • VS-MCA Series – Vibration Resistant Distortionless Macro Lens Series.
  • VS-MC Series Vibration Resistant Distortionless Macro Lenses made for lasting durability.
  • VS-MC Series (Fixed Mag model) – Fixed Magnification Macro Lenses. Variety of magnifications: 0.1x – 2.0x.
  • VS-MC Series (Super Compact model) Super Compact Macro Lenses. M10.5P = 0.5 camera mount.

Fixed Focal Length LensEntry level Standard Machine Vision Lenses.

  • SV-V Series VS Technology’s basic standard fixed focal length lenses.
  • VS-VM Series – High Contrast Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lenses.
  • SV-H Series Megapixel Fixed Focal Length Lenses f6-100mm, 12 models for machine vision applications.
  • SV-H1 Series – 1″ Fixed Focal Length Lenses Focal length 6mm-100mm, 9 models are available Distortionless and high contrast.
  • VS-1628H10M – 10 MP Fixed Focal Length Lenses More than 200 Lp/mm from center to lens edge
  • VS-085 Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses with F/0.85 for high speed cameras The brightest fixed focal length lenses in the machine vision market
  • VS-WA Series – Inner Surface Inspection of Bottles and Containers
  • SV-EGG-BOX Series – Fixed Focal Length & Macro Lens kit for testing For machine vision applications in a laboratory or factory setting.
  • VS-B Series – Machine Vision S-Mount (M12) Board Lenses Distortionless design
  • VS-SWIR Series – SWIR Fixed Focal Lenses for visible and infrared wavelengths

Machine Vision Zoom Lenses Magnification Changeable With Fixed Working Distance.

  • VSZ Series Zoom Lenses Zoom ratio 6x,8x,10x for machine vision applications
  • VSZ-MR Series Motorized Zoom Lenses 1:65 Zoom ratio.

Large Format Lenses : Machine Vision Lenses for Large area scan sensors and Line Scan cameras

  • VS-L(F) Series Line Scan lenses Focal Length 18mm-185mm, 11 models.
  • VS-LTC Series Line Scan Telecentric Lenses Image Circle Φ20-Φ44. All F mount models
  • VS-L(V) Series 8K, 12K & 16K Line Scan Macro Lenses Specially designed for large sensors up to 90mm long.

Microscope units
Very High Magnification High NA Lenses.

UV and SWIR Lens
Focus Beyond the Visible Range.

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