Vision Camera

Vision Cameras

Vision cameras are the hearts of any vision system, no vision system is complete without it.
Vital Vision distribute a wide range of Industrial vision cameras design to suit almost any type of application, ranging from high performance cameras for very demanding projects to entry-level low cost cameras.

For the last 10 years, Machine Vision industries have being reinventing itself to cope with the ever increasing demands of manufacturing processes. From higher quality , higher speed, increasing complexities to cost effectiveness.

And this can be seen from the evolutions of the industrial cameras, including interfacings and Sensors type.

Interfaces ranging from Analog cameras to Digital LVDS to camera link and Coaxpress, and "Grabberless" interfaces such as firewire, USB2, GigE to USB3 .

Sensors ranging from interlace CCD to progressive CCD, the rolling shutter and global shutter CMOS.

Industrial cameras interfaces

USB3 Cameras

CoaXpress Cameras

GigE Cameras

Camera Link Cameras

Pixel-Shift Cameras

Firewire Cameras

High Speed Recording Cameras

HDMI Cameras


Area Scan Camera Finder

Camera Finder

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Line Scan Camera Finder

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Use the Line Scan Camera Finder to find the linescan camera for you quickly.

Machine Vision Lens Finder

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Machine Vision Lighting Finder

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