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We provide solutions to a wide range of industries, namely, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Solar, Packaging, and Food & Beverage.

Industry : Food & Beverage

Product : Beverage Bottle

Inspection Requirement : To ensure consistent levels of liquid and to check defects on bottle seal.


Machine Vision Systems enable fast, repeatable and accurate inspection of materials and food stuff.

 Industry : Electronics

Product : Printed Circuit Board

Inspection Requirement :To check position and orientation of SMD components mounted for inspection.

Machine Vision can be used to inspect and scrutinize for correct PCBs components before and after insertion.

Industry : Packaging

Product : Packaging material

Inspection Requirement : To inspect printing on packaging material. Reading of barcode label.


Machine Vision Systems are customised turnkey solutions for measuring dimensions, shape, surface defects, colour printing.

Industry : Electronics

Product : Wire-bond

Inspection Requirement : To perform measurement on wire-loop height in submicron accuracy and to detect sagging, broken or missing wires.

The 3D camera with an optical resolution of 5µm in two-dimensional colour imaging provides three-dimensional height resolution of up to 1µm. The high resolution being a pre-requisite for wire-bond of 1mil.

Industry : Solar

Product : Solar wafer

Inspection Requirement :To inspect  solar panel cracks, to detect any foreign materials or bump on wafer(s).

The high-resolution camera is reliable for highly predictable performance

Industry : Automotive

Product : Body Panel

Inspection Requirement : To detect presence and/or absence of components to inspect shape and position on automotive parts.


High Speed Vision Inspection machines are commonly used for Automotive parts such as door panels, tyres and rims.

Industry : Pharmaceutical

Product : Pills or Tablets

Inspection Requirement :Verification of  colour consistency of tablets. To check on missing or incomplete mould label on pills

Machine Vision Systems can be customised for Pill/Tablet/Capsule inspection. It can perform pill counting, colour differentiation, shape and surface texture and defects.

Industry : Electronics

Product : Ball Grid Array

Inspection Requirement : To perform ball height measurement. To detect missing ball and bridging defects.


BGA 3D camera with stereo line scan technology enables 3D inspection and measuring applications demanding for high resolutions