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Auto Focus Module

FPGA-based real-time auto-focus model

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Auto Focus Module

This is the FPGA-based real-time auto-focus model using the principle of optical triangulation. It is applied to the automatic optical inspection (AOI) of a high-magnification optical system that measures the target object’s position in real time. It sets the optical image to detect defects of 1μm or less quickly in Semiconductor and display tests.

Auto focus function to set the focus automatically

Since the depth of field (DOF) is very shallow in high magnification optical systems, changing the height of the object may cause out of focus.  This product provides a solution that measures the distance and maintains a constant distance between the target object and the optical system in real time.

Features of optical triangulation iSAF

iSAF is an auto focus module using optical triangulation in which the AF camera captures the amount of displacement of the laser beam reflected from the target object. The AF camera calculates the lengths in pixels that change around the focus position and performs motor control in real time.

Its non-contact distance measuring sensor ensures high-speed and high-precision measurement and assures uniform image quality over the entire image area. Since iSAF has a built-in FPGA in its module,it can quickly control the AF camera.

Optical Triangulation

Focus Update Rate

Capture Range


Real Time


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