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Cobots and Grippers

This is now more than a human hand and smarter than robots.

What is cobot?

”  A cobot, or collaborative robot, is a robot intended for direct human robot interaction within a shared space, or where humans and robots are in close proximity.  “




Elfin Series 


The Elfin 6-axis collaborative robot can be used in automated, integrated production lines, assembly, picking, welding, grinding, spraying and other applications, and has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions. It adopts a unique double-joint module design, where one motion module contains two joints to form a unique kinematic structure, which not only differs from most collaborative robots on the market, but also provides more flexibility when working.





2.0m / s

Tool Speed

Highly Flexibility

The collaborative robot with 4/6-axis coaxial structure has almost reached the flexibility of 7-DOF robots

Optimized Singularity

The unique arm design not only avoids the product homogeneity, but also reduces the singularity.

Dual-Joint Module Design

The unique kinematic design enables the robot to have high flexibility. The highly integrated modular design minimizes the arm weight.


All-in-one module of fully self-developed reducer, motor, encoder, drive and software.


Elfin Pro Series 


Elfin Pro collaborative robot is developed on the basis of elfin collaborative robot. It not only has all the advantages of the elfin collaborative robot such as a variety models, easy deployment, high precision, high flexibility, double-joint module design and modular design, but also has upgraded the product capability through the integration of cutting-edge AI technology, end force control integration, end vision integration. In addition, it adopts a new elegant and practical surface treatment process which is more stable and reliable. With all these advantages, Elfin Pro offers a better human-robot collaboration experience and could support wider application scenarios.



2.0m / s

Tool Speed


IP Classification

Force Control Integration


Camera System


Higher Protection, More Applications


High Sensitivity, Much Safer



Elfin S Series 


Elfin S Series – Heavy Payload Collaborative Robot with high payloads and long arm reach, which can easily handle a super heavy 30KG payload and 1700mm~1800mm working radius.It can be widely used in machine loading and unloading, palletizing, assembly and heavy load handling applications. Han’s Robot S series collaborative robot is a great tool for users to improve their productivity comprehensively, with a qualitative leap in product performance, safety protection, response time and anti-interference capability.


Heavier Payload

With a rated load of 20kg~30kg


Longer Reach

1700mm~1800mm working radius


Elfin Ex Series 


Elfin Ex series has been introduced as the explosion-proof collaborative robots, which have received national certification for explosion protection. It can replace workers and work in  explosive hazardous environments to significantly reduce operational risks. The series adopts a leak-compensated positive pressure explosion-proof system with medium isolation of the ignition source, and the shell is designed with multiple sealing structures, thus realising a compound explosion-proof structure of intrinsic safety and positive pressure; equipped with a positive pressure monitoring system, the positive pressure protection gas pressure of the robot can be monitored in real-time and provides power failure protection, blocking explosive combustible gases and dust from entering the robot to avoid the risk of explosion.


More Options

Multiple configurations available



Meet national explosion-proof certification standard



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