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6-axis collaborative robot with a unique double-joint module design.

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The Elfin E15 is a 6-axis collaborative robot can be used in automated integrated production lines, assembly, picking, welding, grinding, spraying and other applications. It adopts a unique double-joint module design, where one motion module contains two joints to form a unique kinematic structure, which not only differs from most collaborative robots on the market, but also provides more flexibility when working.


The Highlight Features

  • Dual-Joint Module Design
  • Optimized Singularity
  • Highly Flexibility
  • Modularity


Recommended Industry

  • Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • 3C Product
  • Automative Manufacturing
  • Semiconductor


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Model NameELFIN E15
Power Consumption600W Typical Application
Joint Range±360°
Joint SpeedJ1-J2: 80°/s
J3-J4: 150°/s
J5-J6: 180°/s
Tool Speed2m/s
Degree Of Freedom6
END I/O PortDigital Input:3,Digital Output:3,Analog Input:2
Control Box I/O PortDigital Input:16, Digital Output:16, Analog Input:2, Analog Output
I/O Source24V 2A
CommunicationTCP/IP and MODBUS
ProgrammingGraphical Programming, Remote Call Interface
IP ClassificationIP54
Collaborative Operation10 Advanced Security Configuration Functions
Main MaterialAluminum Alloy
Working Temperature0-50℃
Power Input200-240V AC 50-60Hz
CableCable To Connect The Control Box: 5m, Cable To Connect Teach Pendant: 5m
Dimensions445.2mm x 318.8mm x (360+176)mm
Stand Height176mm
Power Output48V DC
Working Temperature0~50℃
Working Humidity90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
IP ClassificationIP20
Dimensions327 mm x 230 mm x (45+22) mm
Weight2.7kg(include cable)
Resolution1024 x 800
E-stop Button1
IP ClassificationIP54
Main  >  Product  > Cobots and Grippers  > ELFIN E15