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Elfin Ex E10F

The cobot with national explosion-proof certification standards.

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Elfin Ex E10F

Elfin Ex E10F has been introduced as the explosion-proof collaborative robots, which have received national certification for explosion protection. It can replace workers and work in explosive hazardous environments to significantly reduce operational risks. The series adopts a leak-compensated positive pressure explosion-proof system with medium isolation of the ignition source, and the shell is designed with multiple sealing structures, thus realising a compound explosion-proof structure of intrinsic safety and positive pressure; equipped with a positive pressure monitoring system, the positive pressure protection gas pressure of the robot can be monitored in real-time and provides power failure protection, blocking explosive combustible gases and dust from entering the robot to avoid the risk of explosion.


The Highlight Features

  • Meet national explosion-proof certification standard
  • Multiple blast protection
  • Reliable sealing against water and dust ingress
  • Wide range of applications, easy to expand
  • Easy to use, flexible and convenient
  • Low investment, high return

Recommended Industry

  • Civil Explosives
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Coal Mining
  • Flour Factory
  • Military Industry
  • Automobile
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Model NameElfin Ex E10F
Joint RangeJ1-J6 ±360°
Joint SpeedJ1-J2: 100°/s
J3-J4: 150°/s
J5-J6: 180°/s
Tool Speed2m/s
Explosion-proof IP ClassifificationEx d e ib mb px IIC T4 Gb
Ex ibD mD pD tD A21 IP66 T130℃
Degree Of Freedom6
Control box I/O PortDigital input: 16, digital output: 16, analogue input: 2, analogue output: 2
CommunicationTCP/IP ,ModbusTCP ,Profinet(Optional), Ethernet/IP(Optional)
ProgrammingGraphical Programming, remote call interface
IP ClassificationIP66
Collaborative Operation10 Advanced Security Configuration Functions
Main MaterialAluminum Alloy
Working Temperature-20 ~ 40°C
Power Input200-240V AC, 50-60Hz
CableMaximum length customizable 15-20m
Main  >  Product  > Cobots and Grippers  > Elfin Ex E10F