Picolo H264 Series

The Euresys Picolo H.264 cards are top-quality video acquisition and H.264 compression cards compatible with standard PAL or NTSC cameras. They are dedicated to high-end applications in the fields of video-surveillance and mobilevideo-surveillance. The Picolo H.264 series also targets entry-level applications in the field of machine vision such asproduction monitoring including in extreme industrial environments. The Picolo H.264 series features H.264 on-board compression. This compression standard offers high image quality on top of low bit rate and low storage requirement. Each video input simultaneously delivers two or three independently configurable output streams: one raw uncompressed stream and one or two H.264 compressed streams. The compressed streams may be recorded or transmitted while the uncompressed one is typically used for local display or video analytics. The Picolo H.264 cards feature one audio input line for each video input.

The Picolo H.264 cards can be easily and quickly integrated into any video surveillance system. They come along with simple and convenient Windows and Linux standard-based drivers. Various connecting accessories are availablefor straightforward integration and immediate evaluation of the cards. The cards are also compatible with CamID(PRELIMINARY), a framework and toolkit for easy and flexible video, audio and IO signals routing throughout video surveillance systems. CamID simplifies the design, the programming and the maintenance of video surveillance applications.


  • Video standards:   color (PAL/NTSC), monochrome (CCIR/EIA)
  • Image size -4 CIF: 704 x 480 NTSC/EIA, 704 x 576 PAL/CCIR -2 CIF, CIF and QCIF
  • Wide range of cards with up to 16 video inputs at 25/30 fps
    – High interchangeability between the cards in an application
    – Independently programmable frame rate and acquisition parameters for each video input
  • Contrast, brightness and saturation controls available
  • Video presence and video standard detection
  • Overlay caption text: up to 2 lines of maximum 47 characters displayed as small rectangles on 4 pre-defined positions (corners) or anywhere in the active area (custom)
  • Privacy masking regions: up to 4 rectangular regions can be masked and colored in black
  • Precise hardware-controlled time stamping
  • One selectable video output with cascade capability

On-Board Compression

  • H.264 real-time compression on each video input
  • H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) Baseline Profile (Level 3)
  •  High image quality on top of low bit rate and low storage requirement


Output Streams

  • 2 or 3 independent and simultaneous destinations for each video channel
    – Typical configuration: subject to the amount of instantaneously available encoding power for the considered video channel
  • One high-fidelity, 4CIF format, full frame rate H.264 encoded stream e.g. for high-quality recording on hard disks
  • One additional CIF format, half frame rate H.264 encoded stream only available on Picolo U4/U8/U16 H.264
    e.g. for transmission over networks with limited bandwidth including wireless networks
    – One raw uncompressed stream e.g. for real-time display and video analytics
    – Subject to PCI bus available bandwidth 


  • Up to 16 line-level audio inputs
  • Audio-video synchronization supported by an accurate hardware time stamping of audio and video data


Bus Mastering

All Euresys cards are PCI bus mastering agents that directly store the acquired images into the PC physical memory without CPU involvement. The Euresys capture cards automatically recover the scatter-gather virtual memory mapping to present the data as a regular bitmap image in a user allocated memory buffer.

Simple and Convenient Standard-Based Drivers

DirectShow Drivers for Windows® (32-bit and 64-bit) Kernel streaming mini driver providing the following filters: Board- Audio Source, Input Line, Watchdog, Visual Source, Output Line, Pass, Pass Through Selector

  • Virtual File System Drivers for Linux (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Memory-based file system driver where each board appears as a file system populated with files organized as a directory tree and managed using standard file management functions of the operating system.
  • The following board features are supported:  Audio Inputs, Output Lines, Video Inputs, Pass Through Selector, Input Lines,Watchdog

Compatible with CamID (Preliminary)

CamID is a system framework including a toolkit for easy and flexible video, audio and IO signal assignation and routing throughout a video surveillance system. It strongly simplifies the design and programming of any surveillance applications on top of facilitating the maintenance.The Picolo H.264 cards and connecting accessories are available in the System.

 Max Cameras SupportedPC InterfaceVideo resolutionVideo acquisition rate
PICOLO U4 H.2644PCI Express x14CIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF100/120 ips
PICOLO U8 H.2648PCI Express x14CIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF200/240 ips
PICOLO U16 H.26416PCI Express x14CIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF400/480 ips
PICOLO V16 H.26416PCI Express x14CIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF400/480 ips
PICOLO U4 H.264PCI-1044PCI-1044CIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF100/120 ips

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