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Ultra-compact a ordable cameras for simple plug-and-play integration into commonly used image-processing systems. They are particularly suitable for classic inspection tasks in the industrial segment and, due to their compact dimensions, are also for favorites inter- active multimedia applications.


High-performance industrial cameras with an extensive range of sensor options, modular construction, and integrated image optimization functions (smart features). Their versatility and outstanding value make them ideal for even the most demanding inspection and monitoring tasks.


High-performance cameras with special features that exceed industrial standards. With high resolution, extended operating temperature ranges, or infrared sensitivity, they are designed and built to ful ll the most demanding requirements in industrial image processing or special applications such as tra c monitoring and scienti c imaging.

Mako-G Series

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Ultra-compact, affordable machine vision cameras for easy plug-and-play integration into standard image-processing systems.

Manta Series

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High-performance industrial cameras with a large choice of sensors, modular options and built-in image optimization.

Prosilica GT Series

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High-performance machine vision cameras with advanced features for demanding applications.

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