Teli BG030

Toshiba Teli Gigabit Ethernet Cameras

Teli BG030

This BG series is an integrated-(one-body)-type camera that adopts all pixel data readout inter line CCD and CMOS that covers a big range of resolutions and speeds and set to expand with added new models constantly.

Teli BG030

Model BG030
Imager all-pixel-data-readout interline transfer CCD
Number of total pixels (H) x (V) 692 x 504
Number of effective pixels (H) x (V) 659 x 494
Number of Video out pixels (H) x (V) 640 x 480
Scanning area (H) x (V) [mm] 4.88 x 3.66 (1/3 type)
Pixel size (H) x (V) [μm] 7.4 x 7.4
Scan method Non-interlace
Aspect ratio 4: 3
Standard sensitivity 1700lx F5.6, 1/125s
Minimum sensitivity F1.4, Gain +18dB, Video level 50%
Brightness -5% to +25% (factory setting : 0% [ 0LSB@8bit ])
Gamma γ=1.00 to 0.45 (factory setting : γ=1.00)
LUT Input 10 bit, Output 10 bit
Gain MANUAL, AGC (factory setting: MANUAL)
Setting range
AGC effective area
0dB to +18dB (factory setting: 0dB)
Full (Full pixel) / Medium (Central: 80% x 80%) / Small (Central: 20% x 20%)
Number of Memory channel 3 channels
User Free Memory 16 Byte
Test Pattern Black, White, Bright Gray, Dark Gray, Ramp waveform (factory setting: OFF)
Power supply PoE (Power over Ethernet IEEE802.3af compliant) or DC+12V ±10% (ripple 100 mV(p-p) or less)
Power consumption(*1) PoE 3.4W Max
DC12V 2.9W Max

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