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Low Angle Ring Light


The V2DR-LA1 Series

Low Angle Ring Light V2DR-LA1 Series is equipped with low-angle illumination ideal for edge detection, embossing and damage on metal surface, while rendering the area below the edge completely dark. It allows inspection of reflective objects from a close angle without producing reflections. Ideal for slightly uneven surfaces. The light is equipped with diffuser by default, excluding UV products). High Power versions and UV versions are also available for related applications. This series achieves space-saving dimension as thin as 7mm (V2DR-Si49-LA1) for easy mounting. Half-ring low-angle illumination is also available in this series.

Illumination Structure:
The light is mounted horizontally on a flexible board parallel to the workpiece positioned extremely close for high homogeneity illumination (0-20mm).

Major Applications:
This is suitable for surface or cosmetic inspection, BGA solder ball position, shape and area inspection, inspection of scratches and dirt on wafers or glass substrate and edge extraction inspection.

Additional Information:
It is made up of aluminium or stainless steel housing. IP 30 as standard, higher IPs are available as requested. JST as default connector type (M8, M12 available).

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ModelsSpectrumOuter DiameterInner DiameterIllumination DiameterVoltPower (Watt)Current (Amp)
V2DR-Si31LA131 mm20 mm20 mm24V0.96W0.04A
V2DR-Si35LA135 mm17 mm17 mm12/24V0.60W0.05A
V2DR-i49LA149 mm22 mm22 mm24V1.44W0.06A
V2DR-Si49LA149 mm 29 mm29 mm12/24V1.20 - 2.88W0.05 - 0.12A
V2DR-i75LA175 mm42 mm42 mm24V2.16W0.09A
V2DR-Si75LA175 mm50 mm50 mm12/24V2.1 - 4.8W0.1 - 0.4A
V2DR-Si91LA191 mm71 mm71 mm12/24V2.7 - 4.32W0.18 - 0.23A
V2DR-i100LA1102 mm 60 mm60 mm24V3.6W0.15A
V2DR-Si100LA1102 mm 65 mm65 mm12/24V3 - 6.72W0.20 - 0.56A
V2DR-Si130LA1130 mm94 mm94 mm12/24V4.2 - 9.6W0.18A - 0.8A
V2DR-Si180LA1180 mm150 mm150 mm12/24V5.4 - 12.58W0.23 - 1.04A
V2DR-Si220LA1220 mm185 mm185 mm12/24V7.6 - 15.36W0.48A - 1.28A
V2DR-i120LA1-UV400125 mm 75 mm75 mm24V4.32W0.18A
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