Low Angled Ring Light LA1 Series

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Low Angled Ring Light LA1 Series

The V2DR-LA1 Series

Illumination Structure:
The light is mounted horizontally on a flexible board parallel to the workpiece positioned extremely close for high homogeneity illumination (0-20mm).

Major Applications:

– Suitable for surface or cosmetic inspection.
– BGA solder ball position, shape and area inspection.
– Inspection of scratches and dirt on wafers or glass substrate.
– Edge extraction inspection.

Additional Information:

– Aluminium or stainless steel housing.
– IP 30 as standard, higher IPs are available as requested.
– JST as default connector type (M8, M12 available).

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ModelsSpectrumOuter DiameterInner DiameterIllumination DiameterVoltPower (Watt)Current (Amp)
V2DR-Si31LA131 mm20 mm20 mm24V0.96W0.04A
V2DR-Si35LA135 mm17 mm17 mm12/24V0.60W0.05A
V2DR-i49LA149 mm22 mm22 mm24V1.44W0.06A
V2DR-Si49LA149 mm 29 mm29 mm12/24V1.20 - 2.88W0.05 - 0.12A
V2DR-i75LA175 mm42 mm42 mm24V2.16W0.09A
V2DR-Si75LA175 mm50 mm50 mm12/24V2.1 - 4.8W0.1 - 0.4A
V2DR-Si91LA191 mm71 mm71 mm12/24V2.7 - 4.32W0.18 - 0.23A
V2DR-i100LA1102 mm 60 mm60 mm24V3.6W0.15A
V2DR-Si100LA1102 mm 65 mm65 mm12/24V3 - 6.72W0.20 - 0.56A
V2DR-Si130LA1130 mm94 mm94 mm12/24V4.2 - 9.6W0.18A - 0.8A
V2DR-Si180LA1180 mm150 mm150 mm12/24V5.4 - 12.58W0.23 - 1.04A
V2DR-Si220LA1220 mm185 mm185 mm12/24V7.6 - 15.36W0.48A - 1.28A
Main  >  Product  > Machine Vision Lighting  > Low Angled Ring Light LA1 Series