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Image sensorCMOS image sensor
Active pixel4096(H) x 3072(V)
Active area24.6mm(H) x 18.5mm(V) 1.9 type
Pixel size6.0μm x 6.0μm
Shutter methodGlobal shutter
Scan methodProgressive
Aspect ratio4:3
Video outputCoaXPress
Frame rate25fps (Medium configuration, Shutter OFF, Under all pixel's read out mode)
Sensitivity3000 lx, F4, 5000K
Gain control0 to 18 dB (180step, 1step=Approx.0.1dB)
Input signalLVDS
White BalanceManual / One Push White Balance
Electronic shutterNormal shutter, RDM shutter
RTSFix mode or shutter speed control by pulse width
Power consumptionApprox. 6.5W (in DC24V)
Lens mountTFL-Ⅱ mount (Original mount)
External dimension75(W) x 75(H) x 69.5(D)mm
WeightApprox. 430g
Various SpecsCE, FCC

Key Features

  • Ultra High resolution Equipped with Teli original 12M CMOS sensor.
  • Global electronic shutter makes the clear imaging possible even with faster-moving object.
  • Random Trigger shutter, to grab and transfer the image with precise timing by external trigger input.
  • CoaXPress interface, supply with one common coaxial cable at high speed,and ti outputs 12,580 thousand pixel all pixel at the high speed of about 25 fps in this camera. By using the coaxial cable excellent in long cable length and pliability,it can be adapated to wide range of image-processing equipment.
  • WOI(Window of interest)
    It is possible to read out desirable area by specifying Vertical and Horizontal position.
  • Wide dynamic range
    “Multi-slope” function makes to get the wider dynamic range.
  • Low noise, High sensitivity

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