Pike F-421C

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The Pike -Versatile -Premium Quality -Advance features set - Many Variant

Pike F-421C

4 Megapixel camera with OnSemi KAI-4022 type 1.2 sensor – high resolution, low noise

The Pike F-421B/C is equipped with a OnSemi HAD CCD sensor type 1.2.
The reason for this large sensor format is the goal to achieve high resolution images with low noise. The sensor has a wide pixel pitch of 7.4 μm.
At full resolution, the camera runs up to 16 fps. Higher frame rates can be reached by a smaller AOI, binning (b/w), or sub-sampling.


  • 1394b connectors: 2 x copper (daisy chain) or 1 x GOF, 1 x copper, Hirose power: out
  • Various IR cut/pass filters, various lens mounts
  • Angled head, white medical housing
InterfaceIEEE 1394b - 800 Mb/s, 2 ports, daisy chain, fiber optic (GOF) optional
Resolution2048 × 2048
SensorOnSemi KAI-4022
Sensor typeCCD Progressive
Sensor sizeType 1.2
Cell size7.4 µm
Lens mountC
Frame rate16 fps
ADC14 Bit
On-board FIFO64 Mbyte
Bit depth8-14 Bit
Mono modesMono8, Mono12, Mono16
Color modes RGBRGB8
Raw modesRaw8, Raw12, Raw16
Opto-isolated I/Os2 inputs, 4 outputs
Power requirements (DC)8 V - 36 V
Power consumption (@12 V)4 W
Mass250 g
Body dimensions (L × W × H in mm)96.8 × 44 × 44 mm including connectors, w/o tripod and lens
RegulationsCE, FCC Class B, RoHS
    • High SNR mode (up to 24 dB better signal-to-noise ratio)
    • Low-Noise Binning Mode
    • Smear reduction
    • Shading correction
    • ROI, separate ROI for auto features
    • Binning
    • Decimation
    • Auto gain (manual gain control: 0 to 22 dB)
    • Auto exposure (18 µs to 67 s)
    • Auto white balance
    • LUT (look-up table)
    • Hue, saturation, color correction
    • Reverse X
    • Deferred image transport
    • Trigger programmable, level, single, bulk, programmable delay
    • Sequence mode (changes the camera settings on the fly)
    • SIS (secure image signature, time stamp for trigger, frame count etc.)
    • Storable user sets

Equipped with a large sensor format (type 1.2), the Pike F-421B/C is the perfect fit for low-light applications. It is distinguished by high-resolution images and an extraordinary image quality with very low noise. The smart pre-processing features of the Pike even enhance the image quality. This Pike camera is especially suited for:

  • Applications which require the highest image quality even with low light
  • OEM applications (modular concept)
  • Microscopy
  • Science and research
  • ITS (Intelligent traffic solutions)
  • Long cable lengths, 400 meters and more (fiber version)

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