Toshiba Bu Series USB3 Cameras

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BU Series Industrial USB3 Digital Cameras Setting new standards !
"Ask not how many frames it can grab in a second, But how much time it takes to grab one image."

And you will know why we say

it is the fastest USB3 camera in the market !

The BU and DU series by Toshiba Teli. Designed for real time vision application.
 ModelX ResolutionY Resolution (Mega Pixels)Frame Rate (FPS)Sensor TypeShutter TypeSpectrumPixel Size (um)Sensor Size (“)More Info
BU0306594940.3125CCDProgressive ScanMono7.41/3
More Info
BU030CF6594940.3125CCDProgressive ScanColour7.41/3More Info
BU0316594940.3125CCDProgressive ScanMono 9.91/2More Info
BU040M7205400.38436CMOSGlobal ShutterMono6.91/2.9More Info
BU13012969661.2530CCDProgressive ScanMono 3.751/3More Info
BU130CF12969661.2530CCDProgressive ScanColour 3.751/3More Info
BU132M128010241.3160CMOSGlobal shutterMono5.31/1.8More Info
BU160M144010801.55226CMOSGlobal shutterMono3.451/2.9More Info
BU205M204810882.23170CMOSGlobal shutterMono5.52/3More Info
BU238M192012002.3165CMOSGlobal shutterMono5.861/1.2 More Info
BU238MCF192012002.3165CMOSGlobal shutterColour5.861/1.2 More Info
BU302MG204815363.14120CMOSGlobal shutterMono3.451/1.8More Info
BU302MCF204815363.14120CMOSGlobal shutterColour3.451/1.8More Info
BU406M204820484.1990CMOSGlobal shutterMono5.51More Info
BU406M NIR204820484.1990CMOSGlobal shutterNIR - Mono5.51More Info
BU406MCF204820484.1990CMOSGlobal shutterColour5.51More Info
BU602M30722048660CMOSRS w Global ResetMono2.41/2
BU602MCF30722048660CMOSRS w Global ResetColour2.41/2
BU505MG244820485.0175CMOSGlobal shutterMono3.452/3More Info
BU505MCF244820485.0175CMOSGlobal shutterColour3.452/3More Info
DU657M256025606.555CMOSGlobal shutterMono51.1More Info
DU657MCF256025606.555CMOSGlobal shutterColour51.1More Info
BU1203MCF400030001230CMOSRS w Global ResetColour1.851/1.7More Info
BU1207MG411230081230CMOSGlobal ShutterMono3.451.1
BU1207MCG411230081230CMOSGlobal ShutterColour3.451.1
BU1207MCF411230081230CMOSGlobal ShutterColour3.451.1
DU1207MG411230081230CMOSGlobal Shuttermono3.451.1More Info
DU1207MCF411230081230CMOSGlobal ShutterColour3.451.1More Info
DDU1207MG411230081260CMOSGlobal ShutterColour3.451.1More Info
DDU1207MCF411230081260CMOSGlobal ShutterColour3.451.1More Info

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