VS-085 Series

Fixed Focal TV Lens

VS-085 Series High Speed Lenses

The VS-085 offers the  brightest TV lens in the Machine Vision  market
Support 4/3”, 8M cameras , M42 mount and C-mount.
Floating system ensures high performance at any magnification
Low Distortion & High Contrast

Machine Vision Lenses Lens
ModelFocal LengthFloating SystemMaximum Aperture RatioFNOMount
VS-25085/M42251:0.85Fno 0.85 F16M42 P=1.0
VS-25085/C251:0.90Fno 0.85 F16C-Mount
VS-50085/M42501:0.85Fno 0.85 F16M42 P=1.0
VS-50085/C501:0.85Fno 0.85 F16C-Mount

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