VS-L(V) Series

VS-L(V) Series

Supports 16K, 5μ Φ90 large line scan camera
Uniformity from the center to the edge of the lens
Bright Fno.3.5 applies for all models
Designed with RGB chromatic correction
V mount model

VS-L(V) Series

ModelWD (mm)Opt. Mag.Working F/#NACamera Mount
VS-L6035/V349.20.165x4.060.02V Mount
VS-L8540/V345.20.28x5.110.027V Mount
VS-L8540-06/V1870.6x6.40.047V Mount
VS-L8528LM/M72619.0 (0.15x)0.05x - 0.20x3.22 (0.15x)-M72 P0.75
VS-L8528/M72598.0(0.15x)0.05x - 0.25x3.24(0.15x)-M72 P=0.75
VS-L12056-03/V496.7(0.3x)0.226x-0.375x7.3(0.3x)0.02(0.3x)V Mount
VS-L12056-05/V335.20.5x8.340.03V Mount
VS-L12056-075/V249.70.75x9.620.039V Mount
VS-L12056-1/V210.41.0x110.045V Mount
VS-L12035-05/V333.2(0.5x)0.45x-0.55x5.3(0.5x)0.047(0.5x)V Mount
VS-L12035-075/V248.9(0.75x)0.7x-0.8x6.1(0.75x)0.061(0.75x)V Mount
VS-L12035-1/V215.7(1.0x)0.9x-1.1x7.0(1.0x)0.071(1.0x)V Mount

V-Mount Adaptors

VS-LH/VV Mount AdapterLens holder
VS-LH/V2V Mount AdapterLens holder
VS-FR20V Mount AdapterFocus Ring
VS-FR32V Mount AdapterFocus Ring
VS-EXR35/M72V Mount AdapterExtention Tube
VS-EXR65/M72V Mount AdapterExtention Tube
VS-MT-FB6.56V Mount AdapterFB Conversion Adapter
VS-MT-FB9.4V Mount AdapterFB Conversion Adapter
VS-MT-FB19.55V Mount AdapterFB Conversion Adapter

F Mount Adaptors

VS-FR15-38V/M52F Mount AdapterFocus Ring
VS-FR15-40V/M52F Mount AdapterFocus Ring
VS-FR44-38V/M52F Mount AdapterFocus Ring
VS-EXR5/M52F Mount AdapterExtention Tube
VS-EXR10/M52F Mount AdapterExtention Tube
VS-EXR30/M52F Mount AdapterExtention Tube
VS-EXR4.4/FF Mount AdapterExtention Tube

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