Low Distortion Macro Lenses


LD Series is design for producing low distortion image even when using with extension tubes 10 models from focal lengths f4mm~f75mm with reduced shading.
Consistence Compact size: of 32mm in diameter (except for VS-LD 6.5)
For VGA ~3 Megapixel sensors


Specification for LD35


Model VS-LD35   
Focal length(f)35 mm (35.02)
Maximum Aperture Ratio1:1.9
Optical mag. range×0.3 ~ ×0.5
Optical mag.× 0.30× 0.35× 0.40× 0.50
FOV (VxH mm)1/2"16.0×21.313.7×18.312.0×16.09.6×12.8
WD142.4 mm125.7 mm113.2 mm95.7 mm
O/I (Object & Imager distance)196.4 mm181.4 mm170.7 mm156.7 mm
Working F/#2.472.572.662.85
DOF at PCoC φ0.04mm2.2 mm1.7 mm1.3 mm0.9 mm
TV distortion (2/3")-0.0003
Flange Back17.526 mm
WavelengthVisible(400nm - 700nm)
Filter ThreadM27.0 P=0.5
Sensor size (max.)2/3"
Weight (approx.)58 g
DimensionΦ 32 MAX) × L= (36.5 (0.3x) ~43.5 (0.5x) mm

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ModelnameFocal Length (mm)Opt. Mag.WD(mm)Working F/#TV DistortionSensor SizeWeightRemarks
VS-LD44(∞) 0.01x~0.04x405.1~93.12.10~2.160.95%~0.92%1/2”52gMore Info
VS-LD6.56.5(∞) 0.01x~0.06x631.5~892.28~2.40.11%~-0.01%1/2”50g More Info
VS-LD1010(∞) 0.03x~0.1x499.8~892.24~2.420.08%~-0.08%1/2”46g More Info
VS-LD1515(∞) 0.03x~0.15x491.8~91.82.06~2.30.11%~0.00%2/3”46g More Info
VS-LD20200.04x~0.22x511.0~86.82.22~2.600.06%~-0.15%2/3”45g More Info
VS-LD25N250.05x~0.25x511~1032.1~2.50.05%~-0.09%2/3”47g More Info
VS-LD30300.1x~0.23x312.7~143.12.20~2.460.03%~-0.05%2/3”46g More Info
VS-LD35350.3x~0.5x142.4~95.72.47~2.85~-0.03%2/3”58g More Info
VS-LD50500.1x~0.25x503.8~2132.70~3.06~0.05%2/3”73g More Info
VS-LD75750.15x~0.35x527.7~245.94.38~5.14~-0.02%2/3”100g More Info