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Low Angle Ring Light LA3 Series

Low-angle with 360-degree illumination is Ideal for slightly uneven surfaces and scratches.

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Low Angle Ring Light LA3 Series

Low Angle Ring Light V2DR-LA3 Series has a low-angle illumination of this series is suitable for edge detection and embossing printing, damage, or cosmetic inspection. Providing 360-degree illumination for reflective objects from an angle without producing reflections. Ideal for slightly uneven surfaces and scratches. Optional diffuser plate can be mounted to improve illumination evenness.

Illumination Structure:
The light is mounted in a low-angle ring shape on a flexible board. Workpiece can then be positioned very closely for illumination (5-30mm). A flexible circuit board enables illumination from any angle needed. A flat radiation angle allows a fairly wide illumination area for inspection.

Major Applications:
This is suitable for surface or cosmetic inspection, BGA solder ball position, shape and area inspection, inspection of scratches and dirt on wafers or glass substrate and edge extraction inspection.

Additional Information:
This is made up of aluminium or stainless steel housing. IP 30 as standard, higher IPs are available as requested. JST as default connector type (M8, M12 available).


ModelsSpectrumOuter Diameter (mm)Inner Diameter (mm)Illumination Diameter (mm)Volt (V)Power (Watt)Current (Amp)
V2DR-Si45LA345303812/241.20 - 2.880.05 - 0.12
V2DR-Si45NLA3453038241.92 - 2.880.08 - 0.12
V2DR-i49LA3492340241.8 - 3.360.08 - 0.18
V2DR-i74LA374486512/243.84 - 7.200.16 - 0.6
V2DR-Si74LA374486512/243 - 6.72W0.2 - 0.28
V2DR-i100LA3115769712/248.16 - 14.40.35 - 0.73
V2DR-i132LA31329811312/2410.08 - 17.280.45 - 0.9
V2DR-i150LA316513014612/2412.6 - 20.880.84 - 1.05
V2DR-i170LA317213416312/2413.92 - 25.200.63 - 1.25
V2DR-i220LA322018020512/2416.80 - 30.240.70 - 1.50
V2DR-i250LA325021023012/2421.60 - 34.561.44 - 1.80
V2DR-i74LA3-480486512/243.60 - 5.760.24 - 0.30
V2DR-i100LA3-4115769712/248.40 - 14.400.56 - 0.70
V2DR-i250LA3-425021023012/2421.60 - 34.561.44 - 1.80
V2DR-i100LA3-8115769712/247.20 - 11.520.48 - 0.60

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Main  >  Product  > Machine Vision Lighting  >  Low Angle Ring Light LA3 Series