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Machine Vision Lighting

The pre-requisite to vision is light. The pre-requisite to good vision is the right light. Many lightings are developed over the years to address the different requirements of vision application based on various lighting geometry, wave length and intensities. Vital Vision supplies a wide varieties of machine vision lighting options for your application.

Machine Vision Lighting - Direct Ring Light
Direct Ring Light V2DR-A Series


Direct Ring Light V2DR-A series has LEDs with extremely bright light output are mounted very tightly. 360 degree shadow-free illumination is possible. The Direct Ring Light illuminates the object directly from a flat board. Suitable to detect smallest divergences of reflectance between target objects. Used as machine vision lighting  for not reflecting objects needing a strong lighting.



Machine Vision Lighting - Angled Ring Light
Direct Ring Light V2DR-B Series


Directed Ring Light V2DR-B series provide ring-shaped machine vision lighting concentrated on the flexible board. Ring Light Direct Angle prevents shadowing and focuses the light at an angle to the centre of the object being illuminated. An optional diffusor plate can be mounted to improve illumination.


Low Angle Ring Light LA1 Series


Low Angle Ring Light  LA1 series is classified as a dark field light which is perfect for close distance edge detection and inspection of embossed printing or correct positioning, controlling scratches, dirt and grooves on different surfaces, while preventing reflections at the same time. The light features high homogeneity specifically for highlighting edges of objects, and completely darken the surfaces below the edges. Half-ring type is also available for this series.


Low Angle Ring Light - machine vision lighting
Low Angle Ring Light LA3 Series


Low Angle Ring light LA3 series  prevents reflection with its close distance and low-angled illumination to for edge detection, embossing and position inspection, and detecting damage on surfaces. The low angle removes reflection completely by illuminating directly into the camera sensor. Half-ring type is also available for this series.


Dome Light - Machine Vision Lighting
Dome Light V2DM Series


Dome Lights V2DM series is a machine vision lighting that  allow shadow-free uniform light covering 180 degrees. For inspection of objects with glossy or non-flat surfaces or foil wrapped objects. The smaller models are cylindrical, all the others dome-shaped and illuminated from below.  The Dome light is  equipped with high brightness LEDs to provide 360 degrees uniformity and larger coverage on the object area. It operate at constant current sources in strobe mode.


Diffused Coned Ring Light V2KR Series


Diffused Coned Ring Light V2KR Series is where light from the LEDs around the periphery of the light diffusion plate is scattered and reflected within the plate to create diffuse light that illuminates from directly overhead.


 Diffused Flat Ring Light V2FR Series


Diffused Flat Ring Light V2FR series is a ring-shaped light with overhead diffuse light eliminates LED glares and shadows for even illumination. Best for preventing halo effect. Coating inspection and burr inspection of the molding, soldering inspection and inspection of board parts possible with its smaller working distance requiring lesser space.

Diffused Back Light V2FL Series


Diffused Back Light V2FL series is equipped with power-saving back light system with a very thin design and a very uniform surface light emission profile. Just having a casing height of 7-10 mm permittes the application even with very limited mounting space.


High Brightness Diffused Back Light V2DL-TP Series


High Brightness Diffused Back light V2DL-TP series is a slim-type machine vision lighting with LEDs mounted at the bottom of the light guide to brighten it. LEDs are arranged at high intensity to produce high luminosity. Light from chip LEDs packed into a flat circuit board passes through a diffusion plate and illuminates the work from behind as a silhouette.


External Coaxial Light V2FV Series


External Coaxial Light V2FV series is a uniform light that runs perpendicular with camera axis across the entire field-of-view makes on-axis illumination system. The light illuminates from the coaxial side of a lens via a partial mirror. The LEDs illuminates on the mirror oriented at 45 and creates a reflection of the object.


Bar Light V2DL Series


Bar Light V2DL series is a bar-shaped machine vision lighting using high-intensity LEDs. They create optimum oblique lighting conditions. Flexible installation to enable a wide range of applications. Usable as high intensity surface lighting. Reflections can be controlled by the included diffusion plate. Major applications are: Crack/exterior inspection of molding / trimming/ forming inspection of IC lead / exterior inspection of connector / character inspection of chip part.


Diffused Low Angle Ring Light V2PR Series


Diffused Low Angle Ring Light V2PR is a machine vision lighting that enables characters and defects to be uniformly illuminated with no LED glare. Soft, even and diffused lighting on shiny objects. Best for preventing the halo effect. The shadowless, low angle square type is perfect for square shaped objects. Major applications are: inspection for IC characters / IC lead inspection within the embossed tape / inspection for IC void / IC orientation identification, NG mark inspection.


Diffused Low Angle Square Light V2PQ Series


Diffused Low Angle Square Light V2PQ enables  characters and defects to be uniformly illuminated with no LED glare. Soft, even and diffused lighting on shiny objects. Best for preventing the halo effect. The shadowless, low angle square type is perfect for square shaped objects.


Spot Light For lens with Built in Coaxial Port  V2HLV Series


Spot Light For Lens with Built in Coaxial Port  V2HLV series is a high powered spot lights that are compatible with machine micro lenses. Collimated optics and light guides to produce maximum illumination which enables long working distance. The V2HLV is small and light weight for easy handling.


Line light with Cylindrical Lens V2LN  Series 


Line Light with Cylindrical Lens V2LN Series is designed to work with Line Scan Application. The high brightness LED light is focused by a cylinder lens to achieve a focused beam designed for line scan camera.


Collimated Lights


Collimated light is designed for high-accuracy measurement, when used as back light, collimated lights minimised interference fringing at the edge.


Half Circle Ring Light V2HC Series


Half Circle Ring Light V2HC Series is designed to applied the lighting in limited space in work station. Low angle illumination is perfect for edge detection and embossing printing, damage, or cosmetic inspection, on metal surface.


High Brightness Spot Light V2SP Series


High Brightness Spot Light  V2SP series is a high powered spot light with lens for maximum illuminance and long working distance. Stable illumination when used with a dedicated constant current power source. The V2SP features a miniature design of Ø41 diameter casing for limited space installation.


Multi Angle Light V2BS Series


Multi Angle Light V2BS series is an all-in-one lighting equipped with multi color and multi angle feature. The FIBS consists of one illumination housing with horizontal rows of SMD LEDs arranged in exact position on a parallel angle. The number of LED rows varies with the size of the lighting.


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