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NED Line Scan Camera

NED offer a wide range of options from different variety of spec and strong selling point. NED has a faster line rates line rate (RYUGAN series), standard sensor (CLISBEE-A series) , CCD low price with high performance (SU series) also Dual line and trilinear sensor models offer great value for money.

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NED Ryugan Series

Ryugan (“dragon eye” in Japanese) is a new series of high speed line scan cameras from NED. Having all the high qualities as NED’s standard cameras, the Ryugan series adds greater speeds for high demanding applications. New models constantly being added to the Ryugan series and it now includes four GigE models.

ModelChromaResolution (px)Pixel SizeLine RateSensorInterfaceLens Mount
RMSL2K125CLMono204814125CMOSCamera LinkC | F
RMSL4K76CLMono4096776.92CMOSCamera LinkF
RMSL4K100CLMono40967100CMOSCamera LinkF
RMSL6K52CLMono6144752.63CMOSCamera LinkF
RMSL8K12GEMono8192712.8CMOSGigE M72
RMSL8K39CLMono81923.539.06CMOSCamera LinkF
RMSL8K76CLMono8192776.92CMOSCamera LinkM72
RCDL4K8GEColor4096 x 278CMOSGigEF
RCDL2K20CLColor2048 x 214 x 720CMOSCamera LinkF

NED Clisbee-A Series 

NED’s CLISBee-A series offers high sensitivity, high speed and low noise cameras at a reasonable cost. The series includes both single and dual line sensors. Having implemented new functions that utilize the advantages of multi-line sensors makes it possible for you to find the perfect model for your project!

ModelChromaResolution (px)Pixel SizeLine Rate (kHz)SensorInterfaceLens Mount
XCM16K80SAT8Mono163843.536.33CMOSCamera Link M72
XCM2085DLMT2Mono2048 x 2775.69CMOSCamera Link C | F
XCM40170DLMT2CXPMono4096 x 2777.56CMOSCoaXPressF
XCM4085DLMT4Mono4096 x 2776.5CMOSCamera Link F
XCM4040DLMT4Mono4096 x 2735.94CMOSCamera Link F
XCM8085DLMT8Mono8192 x 2777.55CMOSCamera Link M72

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Main  >  Product  >  Line Scan Cameras > NED Line Scan Camera