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The Advantages of On-Arm 3D Vision

What is On-Arm 3D Vision?

An On-Arm 3D Vision is where a 3D camera is attached to an industrial robotic arm rather than mounting it on permanent location.

Stationary mounting (left) and on-arm mounting (right) with a Zivid Two 3D camera

The usual stationary mounted 3D Vision can only give a fixed point of view. The camera can only sense and capture the item within a constraint area. The common issue with it was failing detection, missing data, and need human intervention in the activities. With the new rise of On-Arm 3D Vision, we can finally free our hand. It achieves human-like vision and manipulation capabilities. Also, it is now enable us to combine a multiple point of views with its more flexible and effective robot arm. It was designed to be a self-contained robot system combining speed, image quality, simplicity, robustness, and cost. It calls for an industrial 3D camera optimized to satisfy specific on-arm necessities together with brilliant point clouds, speed, ease of use, weight, and robustness. For example, a 3D camera needs to be strong sufficient to offer reliable 3D point cloud data at the same time as withstanding the mechanical impact of a moving robot arm.

The Benefits

There is more robotic system integrators seek the on-arm robot-mounted 3D vision for the below benefits

On-arm 3D Vision helps to enhance the flexibility of robots by allowing the camera to capture objects from a different angle and wider spot. With an on-arm 3D camera, you can avoid occlusion, blind spots, and point cloud artifacts. The promise is always empty your bin.

On-arm 3D Vision can lower the total cost of ownership without the lesser unit of cameras needed in production. Instead of mounting it at a fixed spot, you can now use one robot arm to capture point clouds from different angles and spots. The production no longer needs to change vision hardware or its mounting position periodically.

On-arm 3D vision helps adapt to new pick and place workspace setting. Some workspace is slightly constraint and the workstation require to change frequently.  With on-arm 3D vision, it ensure a consistency in image quality and reliability of performance.

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