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VisualApplets 3

VisualApplets 3 has been released as a 64-bit version with extension packets and new functions. The version includes additional operator libraries, called Extension Libraries, providing an expanded range of functions for segmentation and classification as well as for compression. Beyond these, there are operators that represent loops in the data flow model, whereby image sequences and comparisons, as well as image batch processing can be calculated on the FPGA, conserving resources. The FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) operator has been expanded to resource-efficiently implement more complex filters with high computing load, such as band pass filters. Moreover, Xilinx Vivado software can be used for the final creation (synthesis) of the FPGA hardware code as applets, which in many cases increases the implementation speed.

This enables debugging operators to simplify processing of parameters and import existing HDL code from VHDL and Verilog into VisualApplets.

The image processing hardware from suppliers of cameras and image processing devices becomes compatible with VisualApplets.

This expands the scope of operators to encompass valuable image processing functions.

This protects your design and IP know-how, and binds it, encrypted, to the FPGA hardware.

For Developers

  • CPU unload: FPGAs are upstream from the CPU and handle a variety of image processing tasks (image optimization, image analysis, creation of control signals).
  • This eliminates hardware programming: No VHDL skills are required, thanks to the graphic user interface.
  • Parameterization for runtime: When the FPGA design is created, it is already possible to define which parameters can be changed for the runtime after the applet has been implemented.
  • Third party image processing tools: Convenient interfaces to image processing programs from third-party manufacturers.

For Decision Makers

  • Accelerated time-to-market: It is much faster to develop new applications with VisualApplets. The generated hardware code can be used in the target system immediately.
  • No personnel shortage: Software developers and application engineers can also handle it – thanks to the intuitive operation and design method. Interdepartmental teamwork functions help integrate hardware and software programmers into joint projects.
  • Fast return on investment: VisualApplets offers low initial investment costs and low maintenance costs, since the development projects can be adjusted continuously. High portability makes it possible to quickly switch to new hardware platforms.
  • Protection of intellectual property: The design of specially developed image processing solutions is categorically protected by a conversion into binary code. It is possible to prevent unauthorized use of applets by limiting the executability only to defined FPGAs.

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