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What is Machine Vision ?

Machine Vision 

is the application of computer vision to industry and manufacturing.  Computer vision is mainly focused on machine-based image processing. Whereas, machine vision most often requires also digital input/output devices and computer networks to control other manufacturing equipment such as robotic arms.

How does Machine Vision system work?

Machine Vision system, used to replace manual inspection. Humans will get tired from working long hours and may make errors. The machine can run 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. The camera can see the invisible spectrum of human eyes, thus having a wider spectrum.

How does a machine vision system work?

It may be helpful to envision it by performing a typical function, such as product inspection. First, the sensor detects if a product is present. If a product passed by the sensor, it will trigger a camera to capture and a light source to highlight the key features.

Next, a digitizing device called a frame-grabber takes the camera’s image and translates it into digital output, which is then stored in computer memory can be manipulated and processed by software.

To process images, computer software has to perform several tasks. First, the image is reduced in gradation to a simple black and white format. Next, the image is analyzed by system software to identify defects and proper components based on predetermined criteria. After the image has been analyzed, the product will either pass or fail inspection based on the machine vision system’s findings.

Machine Vision Components

Machine vision system, referred to as automated vision system or inspection system, include numerous components which might be not unusualplace to most systems. Although every of those components serves its function, whilst operating in sync they every have a specific part in a machine vision system.


5  general component of Machines Vision System.
  • The lighting system
  • The lens
  • The sensor
  • The camera
  • The communications machine


Machine vision systems may be constituted of discrete elements or can be incorporated into one unit together with a smart camera that mixes the capabilities of the individual elements right into a single package. More information on discrete as opposed to incorporated machine vision may be located in our related courses PC-primarily based totally Machine Vision Versus Smart Camera Systems and Smart Camera Integration in Machine Vision Systems. Regardless of whether or not a discrete or integrated system is used, the effectiveness of the machine vision machine is likewise depending on the nature of the elements being evaluated. The more consistent the component placement and orientation, the higher the overall performance the machine may be anticipated to deliver.

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