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Camera Link Cables

Vital Vision offer a wide varieties of superior quality Camera Link cables, tested extensively and proven for machine vision applications. From entry level simple and reliable cable to super high flex cables design to meet the most demanding robotic application.

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We tailored a wide range of cable length and angled connectors options makes it easier to deploy the cables for application with space constraints. All cables design are tested and proven to work well with Industrial Machine vision Camera Link cameras.

There are several types of connector for Camera Link interfaces

– SDR-SDR connector

– SDR-SDR (Angled) connector

– MDR-SDR connector


DescriptionLength (m)
V2-CAB-CL2.0-203CameraLink cableSDR-SDR, PoCL 5
V2-CAB-CL2.0-245CameraLink cableMDR-SDR PoCL
Main  >  Product  >  Cables and Connectors  > Camera Link Cables