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Chromatic Confocal Sensor

Small size, extensive measuring range, ultra-large measuring angle, high repeatability.

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Chromatic Confocal Sensor

The measurement system includes a controller, an optical fiber and one or more sensor heads.

The controller enjoys an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and is suitable for high-dynamic detection. Excellent surface light compensation technology can adjust exposure time quickly to adapt to the fast-changing material’s surface reflectivity and ensure high-precision measurement. The optical fiber is wrapped with stainless steel tube and special silica gel, which can easily cope with complex conditions such as tension, load, bending, and lateral pressure. Besides, there are no electronic components in the sensor head, so the measurement accuracy won’t be influenced by the fixture deformation cased by electronics heating.

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Thin Film Measurement

A beam of white light (or polychromatic light) passes through a pinhole and focuses light of different wavelengths on the optical axis through lenses. The dispersion forms a rainbow-like band, which is irradiated on the target, and then part of the reflected light on the surface is reflected.

The light that is not illuminated at the intersection of the optical axis and the target surface passes through the spectroscopic component and is blocked around another pinhole. It cannot illuminate the spectrometer and will not interfere with the measurement.

The advantages of Chromatic Confocal Sensor

Excellent adaptability to any object material, shape and reflectivity
Repeatability: 0.04um

1. Ultralarge measuring angle

  • Specular surface: ‡62°; diffuse reflection surface: ‡88°
  • Obtain 3D profile of curved objects precisely

2. 4-channel simultaneous measurement

  • One controller can support 4 sensor heads
  • Reduce cost

3. Measurement in restricted space

  • Compared with ordinary laser displacement sensors, the V2CF series chromatic confocal sensors that adopt confocal optical path are not easily interfered by the reflection from various surfaces, so there is no restriction on the measurement space, especially when measuring deep holes, slits, etc.

4. Complete SDK and one-stop software support

  • Easy installation
  • Smart programming setting and straightforward software menu
  • Customized, worry-free after-sales service

Linearity Error

Ultralarge Specular Measuring Angle

Adapt to Various Material

Support 4 Channel

Model NameReference Distance(mm)Measuring Range(mm)Linearity Error (μm)Static Repeatability (μm)Measuring Angle Spot Diameter(μm)
V2FL0076.50± 0.803.200.27± 10.0050.00
V2FL0107.50±± 12.5060.00
V2FL02543.90±± 8.8070.00
V2FL03032.50±± 13.0052.00
V2FL03611.30± 1.200.300.04± 35.2312.40
V2FL03735.90± 1.600.900.10± 19.237.00
V2FL04024.45± 1.200.500.06± 23.0028.00
V2FL04148.50± 6.000.630.24± 16.0032.00
V2FL04268.45± 8.002.500.35± 11.0065.00
V2FL0437.00±± 44.007.00
V2FL05251.24±± 15.4038.00
V2FL0549.83± 1.060.350.06± 46.0015.00
V2FL06046.00± 14.002.800.50± 14.0044.00
V2FL0949.09± 1.200.400.07± 62.0012.80
Model NamePower VoltageMax CurrentNumber of ChannelLight SourcePower
V2F1000100V~240V AC 50/60Hz0.1A1White LED 30W
V2F2000100V~240V AC 50/60Hz0.1A 2White LED 5W
V2F4000100V~240V AC 50/60Hz0.1A4White LED10W


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