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3D Line Confocal Sensor

Excellent dynamic detection, the simultaneous output of 2D and 3D images.

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3D Line Confocal Sensor

3D Line Confocal Sensor (V2CF Series) has broken through the limitations of traditional measurement methods and provided an optical measurement solution with higher accuracy and faster speed than the traditional ones for Industry 4.0. It can conduct a high-precision 3D inspection with submicron precision for complex objects like transparent glass, film, lithium batteries, 3C electronics products, and semiconductor components.

3C Electronic Products

Precision Hardware


Lithium Battery

Transparent Glass

The principle of 3D line confocal sensor is to extend the focus halo range of different colors of light by using special lenses to form a special magnified chromatic aberration. According to the different distance between the target and the lens, the light with a certain wavelength will be focused on the target. Then, by measuring the wavelength of the reflected ray, the precise distance from the object to the lens can be obtained.

The measurement results will not be affected by the intensity of the reflected lights, which means that the distance results stay the same no matter how much light is reflected from the target. And because the intensity of the reflected light only depends on the reflectivity of the target, this sensor can conduct reliable measurement even if the target is a strong light-absorbing material, such as black rubber, or transparent materials, such as glass or liquid.

The advantages of 3D Line Confocal Sensor


1. Excellent Adaptability to Various Materials

  • High-precision measurement can be achieved for almost all materials, including highly reflective ones.

2. Multilayered Materials Inspection

  • By means of its unique line chromatic confocal scanning technology, Hypersen 3D line confocal sensors can construct 2D and 3D data of multiple transparent layers by scanning the display surface only once.
  • Regardless of the glass thickness, it can provide excellent scanning performance on the glass surface and curved edges (=20.5°), and perform inline defect detection accurately, such as chips and cracks.

3. Line Confocal Scannig in One Step.

  • This sensor adopts the unique line confocal scanning technology. Various forms of appearance diagrams and detailed raw data can be obtained by only one scan on the target surface. For example : 3D point cloud, 2D contour image, HD depth image, HD grayscale image, Dimensions/Surface roughness, Topography/Flatness, Defects/Thickness, Tomography/Step height, Gap and flush measurement

4. Micron-level Inspection with High Speed

  • Scanning at 2,048 points/line with the minimum point interval of 2.9um.
  • The Z-axis repeatability is up to 0,1 pm, which provides you with more accurate measurement results.
  • Maximum scanning speed: 35,000 lines/sec.

Ultrahigh Resolution

Ultrahigh Speed Scan Rate

Excellent Material Adaptability

Simultaneous 2D & 3D Output

Precise Measurement of multilayered materials

IP55 Protection Degree

Model NameField of ViewX-Resolution(μm) Measurement Range(mm)Z-Repeatability(μm) Stand Off Distance (mm)Number of Data PointsMax Scan Rate (Hz)
V2CX10002.31.11.4 0.19.3 204835000
V2CX3000104.960.4 222048 35000
V2CF3000136.360.15 592048 35000
V2CF200062.92.4 0.219204835000
V2CF100062.930.1 16204835000


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