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Precise inspection at high production throughput

Baumer Camera Link Cameras

High-resolution and fast cameras – LX series
  • With up to 48 megapixel resolution you can reliably detect the finest details and defects – even in high-speed applications
  • Excellent image quality and outstanding sensitivity for an accurate image analysis that is consistent in the long term
  • GigE Vision or Camera Link interface allows flexible integration

With their high-resolution CMOS sensors with up to 48 megapixel resolution and a Dual GigE or Camera Link interface, LX series cameras are perfect for applications with the highest requirements with respect to resolution, frame rate and image quality. Therefore your high-speed processes benefit from high-resolution images for detecting the finest details and defects reliably.

With their state-of-the-art CMOS sensors, LX cameras provide excellent image quality with outstanding sensitivity, low dark noise and very wide dynamic range. This also allows reliable image acquisition and precise evaluation in high-speed processes.

BrandModelMono/ColourSensorsSensor SizeMega PixelsResolutionFrame RateDimensions(mm)Camera Link Type
BaumerLXC-20MMonoCMOS CMV20002/3"22048 × 108833760x60x47.95CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-20CColourCMOS CMV20002/3"22048 × 108833760x60x47.95CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-40MMonoCMOS CMV40001"42048 × 2048 18060x60x47.95CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-40CColourCMOS CMV40001"42048 × 2048 18060x60x47.95CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-120MMonoCMOS CMV120004/3"12.34096 × 3072 6360x60x47.95CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-120CColourCMOS CMV120004/3"12.34096 × 3072 6360x60x47.95CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-200MMonoCMOS CMV2000035mm205120 × 38403260x60x47.95CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-200CColourCMOS CMV2000035mm205120 × 38403260x60x47.95CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-250MMonoCMOS PYTHON 25K35mm255120 × 51203260x60x50.02CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-250CColourCMOS PYTHON 25K35mm255120 × 51203260x60x50.02CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-500MMonoCMOS CMV5000035mm487920 × 60041560x60x50.02CameraLink Full
BaumerLXC-500CColourCMOS CMV5000035mm487920 × 60041560x60x50.02CameraLink Full

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