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3DPIXA Stereo Line Scan Camera

Precision in high-resolution 3D and color

Chromasens 3DPIXA stereo line scan camera is a unique combination of line scan technology with fast stereo algorithms running on GPU. The 3DPIXA camera enables new 3D inspection and measuring applications requiring high resolution.

Unique features of the 3DPIXA Technology 

High speed inline 3D measurement

Large field of view @ high resolution
Height resolution up to 0.5 micron
2D resolution up to 2.5 micron
3D data and full color image in one scan
Line scan frequencies up to 30 kHz @ full resolution 

Flexible use of all types of line illuminations 

Easy to use application programming interface (API) 

Integrated in standard machine vision libraries 

ModelsFOV (mm) Height Range (mm)Height Resolution (um)
3DPIXA compact 8µm36 1.322.25
3DPIXA compact 10µm56 1.893.22
3DPIXA compact 12µm752.55 2.55
3DPIXA compact 15µm40 2.64
3DPIXA compact 30µm1058.2 10
3DPIXA dual 5µm350.71
3DPIXA dual 5µm HR350.50.55
3DPIXA dual 15µm1053.53
3DPIXA dual 30µm21011.25
3DPIXA dual 70µm50052.314
3DPIXA dual 200µm HR140040060