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Diffused Cone Ring Light V2KR-Si70

Diffused Cone Ring Light V2KR-Si70 is a ring-shaped light with overhead diffused light which eliminates glares and shadows for thoroughly even illumination on shiny surfaces. The V2KR generates highly homogenous and slightly angled illumination towards the center, ideal for inspecting shiny objects and highlighting edges. The small height of this series is also appropriate for space-saving solutions. 

It illuminates around the periphery of the light diffusion plate which scatters and reflects within the plate to create a uniform and  diffused light, which illuminates from directly overhead. The small angled toward the middle  illumination allows more focus on the workpiece and eliminates glare effectively. This light comes  with diffusion filter by default.

Example  Applications:

The V2KR are commonly used in coating inspection and burr inspection of the molding, soldering inspection, inspection on shiny materials, detecting grooves on the interior part of an object and circuit boards inspections. The small height of the design make the series ideal for installation where available space are limited.

Ordering Information

With Resistor version :        V2KR-Si70-R/R24/IR/IR24/G/B/W

Without Resistor version :V2KR-Si70-R/R24/IR/IR24/G/B/WO

Example : Model for Blue version with no resistor : “V2KR-Si70-B-O”,   Model for Green version with resistor “V2KR-Si70-G”

Main  >  Product  > Machine Vision Lighting  >Diffused Cone Ring Light V2KR Series >Diffused Cone Ring Light V2KR-Si70