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Open eVision 1.2.3 is a rich suite of reliable, powerful and flexible software tools dedicated to image processing and analysis. Open eVision contains a set of 64-bit and 32-bit libraries designed to be integrated into your C++, .NET or ActiveX application.T

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EasyClassify includes functions for classifier training and image classification. It able to detect defective products or sort products into various classes.

EasySegment has unsupervised mode : train only with “good” images to detect and segment anomalies and defects in new images. It can works with any image resolution.

Easy3D is a point cloud processing and management. It has the flexible Zmap generation which compatible with many 3D sensors.

Easy3D Object is a detection od 3D objects in point clouds or Zmaps. It is compatible with arbitrary regions. 2D and 3D graphical display of the results.

Easy3D Laser Line is a single and dual laser line extraction into a depth map. It is convenient and powerful 3D calibration fro laser triangulation setups.

EasyMatch is a pattern matching using normalised correlation. It has rotation and scaling support. It support of grey scale and colour images.

EasyGauge is a sub-pixel point location and edge fitting. It is highly accurate and robust. It has the advanced and automatic calibration.

EasyImage is a set of optimised fundamental image processing and analysis function. It has the noise estimation and reduction.

EasyObject is an image segmentation based on the grey scale of connected objects. It has the object labelling and geometric feature extraction.

EasyColor has the fast conversion images between 11 color spaces. It has color segmentation and color verifieation.

EasyFind is a pattern matching using a feature point technology, It is fully automatic, fast and robust.

EasyOCR2 is optimised for reading short text such as part number, serial numbers, expiry dates, manufacturing dates and more.

EasyMatrixCode is an automatic detection of the code in the image. It has the very fast operation and impressive robustness to noise, blur and distortion.

EasyQRCode ia an automatic detection of the code in the image. It can decodes model 1 and model 2 QR codes, all version and all levels.

EasyBarCode is an automatic detection of the barcode in the image. It is very fast and robust. It has full support of numerous symbologies.

EasyOCR is a comprehensive character verification with automatic training. It has the grayscale analysis, text and character-level inspection.

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Main  >  Product  >  Image Processing Software  > Euresys eVision