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Real-time machine vision with CoaXPress

• Data rate of 2 GB/sec
• 4 to 25 MP resolution
• Distances of over 200 feet at full data rate
GenICam standard for easy integration

• Standardized configuration
• Clearly laid out user interface
• Standardized descriptions of camera features
Industry-standard design

• No ventilation slots
• Standard lens mount (C/F mount, M42)
• Sturdy camera housing
Flexible and user-friendly

• EMVA standard
• CoaXPress and CameraLink interface
• The product family that meets all requirements
CamPerform – machine vision efficiency
 CP80-4-M-500 / CP80-4-C-500
sensor resolution2,304 x 1,720
frame rate500 frames per sec.
highest frame rate87,000 frames per sec.
increase of frame rateyes
reduction of sensor resolutionvertical
sensorcolor / black and white
sensor pixel / distance between pixels7 µm / square
sensor size20.12 mm
lens mount (option)C-Mount, Nikon F-Mount, Nikon F-Mount (for G-series), M42
featuresGenCam, EMVA 1288

Mechanical dimension CP80 housing with F-Mount

CoaXPress interface description

Cable 75 Ohm coaxial, (e.g. RG59, RG6, RG11)
Long Cable Lengths: In excess of 100 m (without any hubs, repeaters etc.) Low cost assembly and easy integration in moving arm applications
TriggerReal time data transfer, control and trigger Low jitter and low latency
Bandwith 6,25 GBit/s; Scalable up to 4 channels with 25 GBit/s in total
PowerPower over CoaXPress up to 13 Watt (PoCXP)
ProtocolAutomatic Link Detection with Frame Grabber. GenICam Standard(XML file support and Plug & Play for machine vision)
ConnectorsStandard BNC or DIN 1.0/2.3

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