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Firewire Cameras - Reliable - Dependable - Robust - Field Proven
Model ResolutionMega PixelsMpixelsFrame RateSensor TypeSensor Sizemono/color
Guppy PRO F-031B656 X 4920.30.3MP123FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/4"M
Guppy PRO F-031C656 X 4920.30.3MP123FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/4"C
Guppy PRO F-032B656 X 4920.30.3MP82FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"M
Guppy PRO F-032C656 X 4920.30.3MP82FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"C
Guppy PRO F-033B656 X 4920.30.3MP85FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Guppy PRO F-033C656 X 4920.30.3MP85FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Guppy PRO F-046B780 X 5800.450.4MP62FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Guppy PRO F-046C780 X 5800.450.4MP62FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Guppy PRO F-125B1292 X 9641.251.2MP31FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"M
Guppy PRO F-125C1292 X 9641.251.2MP31FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"C
Guppy PRO F-146B1388 X 10381.461.4MP17FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Guppy PRO F-146C1388 X 10381.461.4MP17FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Guppy PRO F-201B1624 X 123422MP14FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/1.8"M
Guppy PRO F-201C1624 X 123422MP14FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/1.8"C
Guppy PRO F-503B2588 X 194055MP13FPSCMOS PROGRESSIVE1/2.5"M
Guppy PRO F-503C2588 X 194055MP13FPSCMOS PROGRESSIVE1/2.5"C
Stingray F-033B656 X 4920.30.3MP84FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Stingray F-033C656 X 4920.30.3MP84FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Stingray F-046B780 X 5800.450.4MP61FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Stingray F-046C780 X 5800.450.4MP61FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Stingray F-080B1032 X 7760.80.8MP31FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"M
Stingray F-080C1032 X 7760.80.8MP31FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"C
Stingray F-125B1292 X 9641.251.2MP30FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"M
Stingray F-125C1292 X 9641.251.2MP30FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"C
Stingray F145B1388 X 10381.461.4MP16FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE2/3"M
Stingray F145C1388 X 10381.461.4MP16FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE2/3"C
Stingray F146B1388 X 10381.461.4MP15FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Stingray F146C1388 X 10381.461.4MP15FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Stingray F201B1624 X 123422MP14FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/1.8"M
Stingray F201C1624 X 123422MP14FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/1.8"C
Stingray F504B2452 X 205655MP9FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE2/3"M
Stingray F504C2452 X 205655MP9FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE2/3"C
Pike F-032B640 x 4800.30.3MP208FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"M
Pike F-032C640 x 4800.30.3MP208FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"C
Pike F-100B1000 X 100011MP60FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE2/3"M
Pike F-100C1000 X 100011MP60FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE2/3"C
Pike F-145B1388 X 10381.461.4MP30FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE2/3"M
Pike F-145C1388 X 10381.461.4MP30FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE2/3"C
Pike F-210B1920 X 108022MP31FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1"M
Pike F-210C1920 X 108022MP31FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1"C
Pike F-421B2048 X 204844MP16FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1.2"M
Pike F-421C2048 X 204844MP16FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1.2"C
Pike F-505B2452 X 205455MP15FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE2/3"M
Pike F-505C2452 X 205455MP15FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE2/3"C
Pike F-1100B4008 X 26721111MP5FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE35mmM
Pike F-1100C4008 X 26721111MP5FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE35mmC
Pike F-1600B4872 X 32481616MP3FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE35mmM
Pike F-1600C4872 X 32481616MP3FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE35mmC
Guppy F-033B656 X 4940.30.3MP58FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"M
Guppy F-033C656 X 4940.30.3MP58FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"C
Guppy F-036B752 X 4800.360.3MP64FPSCMOS PROGRESSIVE1/3"M
Guppy F-036C752 X 4800.360.3MP64FPSCMOS PROGRESSIVE1/3"C
Guppy F-038B768 X 4920.380.3MP30FPSCCD INTERLACED1/2"M
Guppy F-038C768 X 4920.380.3MP30FPSCCD INTERLACED1/2"C
Guppy F-044B752 X 5800.440.4MP25FPSCCD INTERLACED1/2"M
Guppy F-044C752 X 5800.440.4MP25FPSCCD INTERLACED1/2"C
Guppy F-046B780 X 5820.460.5MP49FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Guppy F-046C780 X 5820.460.5MP49FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Guppy F-080B1032 X 7780.80.8MP30FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"M
Guppy F-080C1032 X 7780.80.8MP30FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/3"C
Guppy F-146B1392 X 10401.461.4MP17FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Guppy F-146C1392 X 10401.461.4MP17FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Guppy F-503B2592 X 194455MP6FPSCMOS PROGRESSIVE1/2.5"M
Guppy F-503C2592 X 194455MP6FPSCMOS PROGRESSIVE1/2.5"C
Marlin F-033B656 X 4940.30.3MP73FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Marlin F-033C656 X 4940.30.3MP73FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Marlin F-046B780 x 5820.460.5MP52FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Marlin F-046C780 x 5820.460.5MP52FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Marlin F-080B1032 X 7780.80.8MP20FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Marlin F-080C1032 X 7780.80.8MP20FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Marlin F-145B1392 X 10401.451.4MP10FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Marlin F-145C1392 X 10401.451.4MP10FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Marlin F-146B1392 X 10401.461.4MP17FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"M
Marlin F-146C1392 X 10401.461.4MP17FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/2"C
Marlin F-201B1628 X 123622MP12FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/1.8"M
Marlin F-201C1628 X 123622MP12FPSCCD PROGRESSIVE1/1.8"C
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*Click on Camera Model for more info

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