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Pixel Shift Cameras

Pixel shifting in Machine Vision means cameras using a technique which increases the true resolution of cameras by moving the sensors by fractions of a pixel in the x- and y-directions.
Its an effective way to increase resolution details of area scan cameras dramatically.

Sensor shift with sub-micron accuracy


With CIS patented “Pixel Shifting” technology, the sensor can be moved and controlled by high accuracy actuator with sub-micron.

High Resolution・High Image Quality

Using 5Mega pixels sensor as base, achieving resolution of 45M/125M pixels.
Using 12Mega pixels sensor as a base, achieving the high resolution of 324M color pixels and 108M pixels.

Wide range of application potential !

Though camera is design primarily for high end machine vision application,
the pixel shift cameras can also be ideal for Research and Archive Application


655M  pixels resolution for B/W, and 700M pixels resolution for color.

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Main  >  Product  >  Area Scan camera  > Pixel Shift Cameras