Trilinear color Line Scan Cameras

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Trilinear color line scan camera

  • A set of built-in color space conversion functions to provide image output in a range of standard formats.

  • Applications requiring extra sensitivity and minimum readout noise can benefit from the unique binning capabilities.

  • Supports direct connection from encoder to camera to minimize cabling and reduce the occurrence of dropped line data.

The trilinear camera in JAI’s Sweep Series delivers outstanding color line scan performance for applications that don’t require the ultimate color precision provided by the prism technology in JAI’s Sweep+ Series.

The model SW-4000TL-PMCL features a maximum line rate of 66 kHz for 24-bit RGB output, making it one of the fastest 3 x 4096 color line scan cameras on the market.

Advanced spatial compensation and tilted view correction functions ensure high image quality, while support for direct connection to rotary encoders simplifies setup and enables automatic detection of scan direction.

The SW-4000TL-PMCL is the only high-speed trilinear camera to offer support for both vertical and horizontal binning, as well as built-in color space conversions to HSI, CIEXYZ, sRGB, Adobe RGB, and custom RGB color gamuts.

Model ResolutionLine RateInterfacePixel Size
4096 x 3 px66 kHzPoCL7.5 x 7.5