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High Power Current Source LED Strobe Controller


High-power, High-speed LED controller with Safe & User-friendly Technology


Product Features

  • Overdriving for high-power & high-speed LED current control
  • Provides uniform brightness of lighting output without ripple
  • Auto-adjustment LED driving voltage function
  • TDI Exposure control function
  • Improvement LED’s durability
  • Overdriving function
  • Current pulse control < 20A
  • Fast current response < 0.5us
  • Max. Switching freq. 300kHz
  • Auto LED voltage < 80V
  • Min. pulse duration: 1.0us
  • Support LED protection
  • Trigger sequence generator



  • Fast moving object capturing for area scan camera (Flying review)
  • Controlling exposure for TDI line scan camera ∙ Where High power LED is required


Model VIP-2P2S-20A (IP-2P2S-20A)
InterfaceRS-485 & RS-232
No. of Channel2
Min. Pulse Width1.0us
Max. Switching Frequency300 KHz
LED Voltage1~80V
Max. Power (Continuous/Pulse)30W/1500W
Current (Continuous/Pulse)2A/20A
Sequential ControlYes
Power ProtectionYes
No. of strobe controllers configurableMax 250 (Modbus Potocol)
 RS-485 port pinConfiguration
3RS485 Data(A)+Non-inverting receiver input & driver output
6RS485 Data(B)-Inverting receiver input & driver output
4Trigger Input -Trigger input RJ45 Port -
5Trigger Input +Trigger input RJ45 Port +
RS-232 port pinConfiguration
2RXDReceive Data
3TXDTransmit Data

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