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Teli Camera Link Cameras

Various sensors, camera control, interfaces and intelligent image handling as customer solution.
Contributing to customer’s value creation with various camera shape for any kind of demand.

BrandModelMono/ColourSensorsSensor SizeMega PixelsResolutionFrame RateDimensions(mm)Camera Link Type
TeliCSCLV90BC3MonoCCD Sony-ICX4241/3"0.3659 X 4949020x26x30Base/PoCL-Lite
TeliCSCV125BC3MonoCCD Sony-ICX4241/3"0.3659 X 49412529x29x26.5Base/PoCL
TeliCSCV125CC3ColourCCD Sony-ICX4241/3"0.3659 X 49412529x29x26.5Base/PoCL
TeliCSCV90BC3MonoCCD Sony-ICX4241/3"0.3659 X 49492.429x29x26.5Base/POCL & Non-POCL
TeliCSCX30BC3MonoCCD Sony-ICX2041/3"0.81034 X 7793029x29x26.5Base/POCL & Non-POCL
TeliCSCS60BM18MonoE2V EV76CX61/1.8"1.31280 x 10246129x29x26.5Base/POCL
TeliCSCS20BC2MonoCCD Sony-ICX2671/2"1.441392 x 104019.529x29x26.5Base/POCL
TeliCSCU15BC18MonoCCD Sony-ICX2741/1.8"21628 x 123615.5229x29x26.5Base/POCL
TeliCSCU30BC18MonoCCD Sony-ICX2741/1.8"21628 x 12363029x29x26.5Base/POCL
TeliCSCQS15BC23MonoCCD Sony-ICX6552/3"52456 x 20581529x29x26.5Base/POCL
TeliCSC6M85BMP11MonoTeli original1.1"6.52560 x 25608540x40x35Full/Medium/base/POCL
TeliCSC6M100BMP11MonoTeli original1.1"6.52560 x 256010040x40x35Full/Medium/base/POCL
TeliCSC12M25BMP19-01BMonoTeli original4/3"124096 x 30722575x75x69.5Medium
TeliCSCU30CC18ColourCCD Sony-ICX2741/1.8"21628 x 12363054x43x69Base/POCL
TeliCSCQS15CC23ColourCCD Sony-ICX6552/352456 x 20581554x43x59Base/POCL
TeliCSC6M100CMP11ColourTeli original1.1"6.52560 x 256010040x40x35Full/Medium/base/POCL
TeliCSC12M25CMP19ColourTeli original4/3"124096 x 30722575x75x69.5Medium

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