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Diffused Back Light V2FL-Si60-3S

Product Description:

Power-saving back light system with an extremely thin design and a very uniform surface light emission profile. The V2FL features a minimum casing height of 5mm – 10mm, enabling application even in highly limited mounting space. High power models are available for this series.

Illumination Structure:
Light from the LEDs that is placed at four sights of the light guides, passes through the plate to produce a uniform illumination.

Ordering Information

With Resistor version :            V2FL-Si60-3S-R/R24/IR24/G/B/W

Without Resistor version :   V2FL-Si60-3S-R/R24/IR24/G/B/WO

Example : Model for Blue version with no resistor : “V2FL-Si60-3S-B-O”,   Model for Green version with resistor “V2FL-Si60-3S-G”

Main  >  Product  > Machine Vision Lighting  > Diffused Back Light V2FL SeriesDiffused Back Light  V2FL-Si60-3S