Baumer GigE Cameras

Baumer Industrial GigE Camera

Baumer industrial GigE Cameras redefine industrial cameras with Precision, speed, Robustness, Reliability and Excellent image quality.

Fast processes reliably detected and evaluated

Baumer VCXG Series

Cutting-edge CMOS cameras – CX series

  • Realizing future-oriented applications with latest CMOS sensor generation Sony Pregius and ON Semiconductor PYTHON
  • Wide variety of cameras up to 12 megapixel and 891 fps enable broad application range
  • GigE Vision  interface

Focus on the essential

Baumer VEXG Series

Industrial cameras for cost-oriented applications – EX series

  • Small, high-performance cameras provide top Baumer quality at low prices
  • Focus on essential, standard-compliant functionalities
  • Ideal cameras for varied standard machine vision applications

Precise inspection at high production throughput

Baumer LXG Series

High-resolution and fast cameras – LX series

  • With up to 48 megapixel resolution you can reliably detect the finest details and defects – even in high-speed applications
  • Excellent image quality and outstanding sensitivity for an accurate image analysis that is consistent in the long term
  • GigE Vision or Camera Link interface allows flexible integration

Capture fine details accurately in high-speed processes

Baumer QX Series

High-speed cameras with high resolution – QX series

  • High accuracy thanks to 12 megapixel with 335 fps for short image sequences
  • Burst Mode with 2 GB of internal image storage for maximum frame rates
  • 10 GigE interface allows easy and cost-effective integration

Intelligently solving image processing

Baumer LX VA Series

FPGA cameras for image processing – LX VisualApplets cameras

  • Increase throughput, simplify system design or lower system costs
  • Complex algorithms can be implemented quickly and easily
  • 3D cameras for high-performance laser triangulation

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