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Teli BG Series GigE Cameras

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The BG series is a high performance entry level compact industrial cameras with excellent image quality,  featuring PoE, high speed response and more….

  • Gigabit Ethernet interface (Power over Ethernet)
    Video output and camera control are performed via the Gigabit Ethernet standard IEEE802.3ab interface. Data transfer is up to 1Gbps (Maximum) that enables to output uncompressed video data at high frame rate. By complying with IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet(PoE), the power is supplied over single cable.

    Gigabit ethernet interface

  • GigE Vision® Ver1.2 conformity
    This product is based on GigEVision Camera Interface Standard for Machine Vision Ver 1.2.
    GigE Vision

    *GigE Vision®is AIA(Automated Imaging Association) standard.

  • GenICamTM Ver2.3 conformity
    This product is based on GenICam Generic Interface for Cameras Ver.2.3.

    *GenICamTM is trade mark of EMVA(European Machine Vision association).

  • Scalable
    Selectable video output area. This mode achieves higher frame rate by reducing vertical output area. And reduces occupied data rate of Gigabit Ethernet by reducing horizontal output area.


  • Color processing (BG030C/BG030CF/BG130C/BG130CF/BG202C/BG202CF)
    Color processing is built in. there are RGB, YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:1:1 and Bayer output modes.
  • Color processing (BG205MC-CS/BG205MCF-CS)
    Color models have built in color processing. Color processing features like white balance are available in Bayer output mode.
  • All pixel data readout
    Equipped with all pixel data readout CCD, all the pixels are read in the frame processing of one time.
  • Global shutter (BG205M-CS/BG205MC-CS/BG205MCF-CS/BG205MCF-CS/BG302LMG/BG505LMG)
    As it employs a global electronic shutter similar to a CCD image sensor, clear images of even fast-moving object are obtainable with less blur.
  • Square grid arrangement
    Square grid arrangement of pixels, facilities computation for image processing.
  • Random Trigger Shutter
    The Random Trigger Shutter function provides images in any timing by input of an external trigger signal. Trigger control from PC is available as well.
ModelsSpectrumSensor TypeSensorSensor SizePixel Size (Square)ResolutionMega PixelsFPS@Full Res (FPS)Dimension (mm)
Teli BG030MonoCCDSONY ICX4241/3”7.4um640 x 4800.3MP12529 x 29 x 40
Teli BG30C/CFColourCCDSONY ICX4241/3”7.4um640 x 4800.3MP12529 x 29 x 40
Teli BG031MonoCCDSONY ICX4141/2”9.9um640 x 4800.3MP12529 x 29 x 40
Teli BG080MonoCCDSONY ICX2041/3”4.65um1024 x 7680.8MP4029 x 29 x 40
Teli BG130MonoCCDSONY ICX4451/3”3.75um1280 x 9601.3MP3029 x 29 x 40
Teli BG130C/CFColourCCDSONY ICX4451/3”3.75um1280 x 9601.3MP3029 x 29 x 40
Teli BG202MonoCCDSONY ICX2741/1.8”4.4um1600 x 12002MP2029 x 29 x 40
Teli BG202C/CFColourCCDSONY ICX2741/1.8”4.4um1600 x 12002MP2029 x 29 x 40
Teli BG205MMonoCMOSCMV20002/3”5.5um2048x10882MP5029 x 29 x 40
-Teli BG205MCFColourCMOSCMV20002/3”5.5um2048x10882MP5029 x 29 x 40
Teli BG302LMG MonoCMOSSONY IMX 2651.1.8”3.45um2048 x 15363MP3529 x 29 x 40
Teli BG505LMG MonoCMOSSONY IMX 2642/3”3.45um2448 x 20485MP2229 x 29 x 40

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