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JAI Industrial GigE Camera

A compact industrial area scan camera delivering an excellent blend of size, versatility, and performance with proven reliability in industrial environment.

Focus on size and verstality

JAI GigE Cameras

Go Series: Small and versatile area scan cameras

  • High performance CMOS sensor technology lets Go Series cameras maintain high frame rates despite their small size.
  • The Go Series features global shutters, analog gain control, and other features to maximize image quality.
  • Available with the latest CMOS sensors including IMX250, IMX264, IMX174, IMX249 and IMX250MZR.
  • Industrial-grade design and built for harsh industrial environments (full 3-year warranties standard).
  • Go Series cameras are available with a choice of digital interfaces to fit all needs.
  • Also polarized models available (GO-5100MP-USB and GO-5100MP-PGE with IMX250MZR sensor).

Focus on high resolution

JAI Spark Series

Spark Series: High resolution area scan cameras

  • High throughput with outstanding megapixels-per-second performance.
  • High quality images with low noise, high pixel uniformity and no rolling shutter distortion.
  • Large, low-noise pixels provide outstanding low light performance.
  • High dynamic range modes (selected models) capture both bright and dark details under high contrast conditions.
  • Highly resistant to vibration and shock in industrial environments (high reliability, low-cost-of-ownership).

Focus on high resolution

JAI Fusion Series

Fusion Series: multi-sensor, multispectral area scan cameras

  • Standard or custom-designed configurations with up to three wavebands and up to 3.2 megapixels per channel.
  • Custom waveband specifications (Flex-Eye concept) as narrow as 25 nm located in the 405-1000 nm range (visible – NIR).
  • Simultaneous high-speed capture and output via 10 GigE multi-stream interfaces.

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Main  >  Product  >  Area Scan camera  >  GigE Cameras  >  JAI GigE Cameras