VCC-GM60FV11CL / VCC-FM60FV19CL (Discontinued)

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Pixel Shift Cameras

Ultra High Resolutions Area Scan Cameras

VCC-GM60FV11CL / VCC-FM60FV19CL (Discontinued)

Super-high resolution camera link interfaced M60 CL series. Pixel shifting technology on piezo-actuator is one of the CIS own patented technology.

45M/125M pixels resolution for B/W, and 45M/5M 3CCD equivalent resolution for color, are realized with pixel shifting technology on piezo-actuator. Image synthesis processing shall be done by PC software. Best suited for super high resolution applications, such as flat panel inspection, medical imaging, medical analysis systems, and others. Please use the camera under vibration-free environment.


  • Super high resolution
  • C lens mount
  • External trigger
  • 8bit / 10bit output
Color/MonoMonoColor RAW
Resolution5M/45M/125M5M / 45M / 15M (3CCD equivalent )
Frame Rate15fps/1.3fps/0.5fps15fps/1.43fps/3.12fps
Output Format8bit / 10bit8bit / 10bit
Image Sensor2/3 CCD2/3 CCD
Effective Pixels2456 x 20582456 x 2058
Unit Cell Size (μm)3.45 x 3.453.45 x 3.45
Horizontal Frequency (kHz)31.18531.185
Pixel Clock (MHz)6060
Power Consumption4.8W Typ4.8W Typ
Power RequirementDC12V ±10%DC12V ±10%
Min. IlluminationF1.4, 1 lxF1.4, 15 lx
SensitivityF5.6, 400 lxF8.0, 2,000 lx
Shutter Variable RangeOFF(1/15s) 〜 1/30,000sOFF(1/15s) 〜 1/30,000s
Signal I/FCamera LinkCamera Link
Lens MountC MountC Mount
Weight (g)Approx 510Approx 510
Dimensions (W) x (H) x (D)mm55 x 55 x 84.555 x 55 x 84.5

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