Baumer USB3 cameras

Baumer USB3 cameras

CXU, EXU and VLU are the 3 series of USB3 cameras available from Baumer.
Robust and precise mechanical housing, excellence image quality have always been the hallmark of Baumer cameras,
the 3 series are no exception, combine with a wide range of sensors , packed with advance features make it an ideal choice for many applications.

VCXU series

„ Up to 5 Megapixel and 409 frames/s
„ CMOS sensors
„ GigE power supply: 12 – 24 V externally or PoE „ Camera temperature range up to 65 °C

ModelModel's pageSpectrumSensor TypeSensorResolutionFull Frame (FPS)
VCXU-02MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1/4″ PYTHON300640 × 480891
VCXU-02CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1/4″ PYTHON300640 × 480891
VCXU-13MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1/2"PYTHON13001280 × 1024222
VCXU-13CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1/2"PYTHON13001280 × 1024222
VCXU-23MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1/1.2"Sony® IMX1741920 x 1200165
VCXU-23CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1/1.2"Sony® IMX1741920 x 1200165
VCXU-24MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1/1.2"Sony® IMX2491920 x 120038
VCXU-24CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1/1.2"Sony® IMX2491920 x 120038
VCXU-25MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 2/3"PYTHON20001920 × 1200 px167
VCXU-25CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 2/3"PYTHON20001920 × 1200 px167
VCXU-31MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1/1.8"Sony® IMX2522048 × 1536120
VCXU-31CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1/1.8"Sony® IMX2522048 × 1536120
VCXU-32M Go to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1/1.8"Sony® IMX2652048 × 153655
VCXU-32CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1/1.8"Sony® IMX2652048 × 153655
VCXU-50MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 2/3"Sony® IMX2502448 × 204877
VCXU-50CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 2/3"Sony® IMX2502448 × 204877
VCXU-51MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 2/3"Sony® IMX2642448 × 204835
VCXU-51CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 2/3"Sony® IMX2642448 × 204835
VCXU-53MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1"PYTHON50002592 × 204873
VCXU-53CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1"PYTHON50002592 × 204873
VCXU-90MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1"Sony IMX2554096 × 2160 px42
VCXU-90CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1"Sony IMX2554096 × 2160 px42
VCXU-91MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1"Sony IMX2674096 × 2160 px39
VCXU-91CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1"Sony IMX2674096 × 2160 px39
VCXU-123MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1.1″Sony IMX2534096 × 300031
VCXU-123CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1.1″Sony IMX2534096 × 300031
VCXU-124MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1.1″Sony IMX3044096 × 300029
VCXU-124CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1.1″Sony IMX3044096 × 300029
VCXU-125M.RGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1/1.9"Sony IMX2264000 × 300029
VCXU-125C.RGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1/1.9"Sony IMX2264000 × 300029
VCXU-201M.RGo to Product PageMonochromeRolling CMOS 1"Sony IMX1835472 × 364815
VCXU-201C.RGo to Product PageColourRolling CMOS 1"Sony IMX1835472 × 364815

Click on each model’s link for more information

VEXU Series

  • Small, high-performance EX cameras provide top Baumer quality at low prices
  • Basic functions for ease of use
ModelModel's pageSpectrumSensor TypeSensorResolutionFull Frame (FPS)
VEXU-24MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1/1.2"Sony® IMX2491920 x 120038
VEXU-24CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1/1.2"Sony® IMX2491920 x 120038

Click on each model’s link for more information

Click on each model’s link for more information

ModelModel's pageSpectrumSensor TypeSensorResolutionFull Frame (FPS)
VLU-02MGo to Product PageMonochromeCCD 1/4"Sony ICX618656 x 490180
VLU-02CGo to Product PageColourCCD 1/4"Sony ICX618656 x 490180
VLU-03MGo to Product PageMonochromeCMOS 1/3"CMOSIS CMV300640 x 480376
VLU-03CGo to Product PageColourCMOS 1/3"CMOSIS CMV300640 x 480376
VLU-12MGo to Product PageMonochromeCCD 1/3"Sony ICX4451288 x 96042
VLU-12CGo to Product PageColourCCD 1/3"Sony ICX4451288 x 96042

Click on each model’s link for more information

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