Microscope Units

Microscope Units

Optem Long-Working Distance Objectives, when integrated with the Optem FUSION Micro-Imaging Lens System, provide superior resolution across extended working distancea for demanding applications requiring high-magnification.

LWD Objectives

Optem® M Plan APO Infinity-Corrected Objectives are available in 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X and 50X and provide flat-field imaging for both zoom and fixed magnification needs. These objectives are suitable for brightfield illumination. Optem LWD HR Objectives are avaialble in 5X, 10X and 20X with maximum NA for higher-resolution requirements.

These objectives when attached to the FUSION system provide the utmost in resolution and working distance for demanding applications requiring higher magnification levels. The five M plan infinity corrected objectives provide flat field imaging for both zoom and fixed magnification needs.

These objectives are suitable for brightfield illumination as well as the specifically designed fiber optic ringlight for three dimensional objects. There are three HI resolution objectives for maximum resolution within the center portion of the image.

  • Sufficient working distance from 13 to 41 mm
  • Infinity corrected
  • Consistent 95 mm shoulder to object distance
  • NA from 0.055 to 0.6 Standard thread adapter required for mounting
Product DescriptionPart NumberLinks
2x M Plan Apo28-21-02-001More Info
5x M Plan Apo28-21-05-001More Info
10x M Plan Apo28-21-10-000More Info
20x M Plan Apo28-21-11-001More Info
50x M Plan Apo28-21-50-001More Info
5x Hi-Res28-20-44-000More Info
10x Hi-Res28-20-45-000More Info
20x Hi-Res28-20-46-000More Info
Objective adapter30-17-03-000
ModelOpt. Mag.WD(mm)Max Sensor SizeCo-ax lighting prismNADescription
VS-MS10X-CO10.0x22.31/2"Built-in0.21x10 Machine vision model
VS-MS10X-COL10.0x22.31/2"Built-in0.21x10 Machine vision model
VS-MS1N-----VS-MS1N Standard model
VS-MS05N-----VS-MS1N Standard model
AD-MS1N-OLAD-MS1N-MT-----Mount adapter

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