VS-TM Series

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VS-TM Series

Telecentric Microscope Lenses

Magnification 10x with High NA0.23
Long WD 55mm
Higher Magnification(15x/20x)available with Rear Converter lens


Model VS-TM10-55CO
Optical Mag.× 10 ±5%
2/3"0.66 × 0.88
FOV (VxH)1/2"0.48 × 0.64 mm
1/3"0.36 × 0.48 mm
WD55.3 mm ±2
O/I (Object & Imager distance)245.6 mm
Working F/#22
Resolution *at λ550nm1.46 μ
DOF at PCoC φ0.04mm0.02 mm
TV distortion (max.)0.08 %
Relative illuminance(Y=5.5)90.0 %
WavelengthVisible (400nm - 700nm)
Camera mountC-mount
Flange back17.526 mm
Sensor size (max.)2/3"
Co-axial prismBuilt in
Weight (approx.)370 g
DimensionΦ 37 (MAX) × L= 172.8 mm