Direct Ring Light V2DR-i120A-IP65

V2DR-i120A-IP65, is a Large Direct Ring light designed for machine vision application. It has an Outer Diameter (OD) of 120mm and Inner Diameter (ID) of 60mm. It comes in only 1 NIR spectrum.

This product has IP lighting which help to protect the lighting against contact and infiltration of water and dirt which classified by degree of protecion.

Ordering Information

With Resistor version :         V2DR-i120A-IP65-NIR
Without Resistor version :  V2DR-i120A-IP65-NIR-O

Example : Model for NIR version with no resistor : “V2DR-i120-IP65-NIR-O”,   Model for NIR version with resistor “V2DR-i120-IP65-NIR-W”