Optem Fusion

Optem FUSION Micro-Imaging System

Optem FUSION Micro-Imaging Lens System is the next generation of precision micro-imaging lens system. A modular design and infinity corrected optics afford maximum versatility in machine vision, automated optical inspection and non-contact metrology. Available in manual or motorized 7:1 and 12:1 zoom and economical fixed magnification, change out modules to modify system form, function and performance.

Designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s micro imaging applications in OEM systems, the Optem® FUSION Lens System combines a uniform mechanical interface with bi-directional infinity optics to deliver unmatched interchangeability, performance versatility and functional flexibility across three distinct core optical functions…

  • Fixed-Magnification
  • 7:1 Zoom Lens
  • 12.5:1 Zoom Lens

Combine any of these three core functions with any variety of the universally interchangeable Camera Mounts, Camera Tubes, Lower Function Modules, Lower Magnification Lenses to specify the exact lens form, function and performance to meet your imaging requirements.

Newly Extended SWIR Imaging Range Enables Industry 4.0

With the NEW addition of shortwave infrared (SWIR) compatible components, Optem FUSION now provides true polychromatic imaging performance across the key visible (400-700nm), NIR (700-1100nm) and SWIR (900-1700nm) wavebands. Due to the universal concept of the Optem FUSION micro-imaging lens system, optical solutions spanning 400–1700nm with optimized image sensors are now possible for the first time under a single lens platform, opening entirely new approaches to machine vision demanded by Industry 4.0.


  • Configurable with versatile 7:1 Zoom, 12.5:1 Zoom OR Economical Fixed-Magnification functionality
  • NOW polychromatic wavelength range Visible-NIR-SWIR
  • Magnification up to 12X and NA up to 0.19 with standard components
  • Working Distance from 13 – 490mm
  • Optimized for C, CS, F, EOS, 4/3 camera mount and most any format
  • Integrated LED illumination options
  • Stepper motorized zoom and focus options
  • Enclosed stepper motors reduce operational contamination and simplify cable management
  • Improved optomechanics extend reliability and service life
  • Consolidated digital, touch-pad control of zoom, focus and/or illumination
  • Integrate 90° Mirror Cubes and 50/50 Cubes to modify optical path to alter shape and fit
  • Improved barrel design and 3-point dovetail coupling promote robust lens assembly
  • Inline Mount Blocks afford multi-point mounting along lens system length for maximum imaging stability