Single Sensor Monochrome Line Scan Cameras

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Monochrome line scan cameras with fast scan rates

  • Among the fastest monochrome line scan cameras available on the market for their type and resolution.
  • Available with F-mount or M-42 mount, providing a wider range of lens options.

JAI’s monochrome line scan cameras provide an excellent combination of high resolution and fast scan rates.

The Sweep SW-8000M-PMCL model features an 8192-pixel linear CMOS sensor delivering a line rate of 100,000 lines/s (100 kHz) over a Camera Link interface. The SW-4000M-PMCL model is based on a 4096-pixels sensor capable of running as fast as 200,000 lines/s (200 kHz) over Camera Link.

With high shock (80G) and vibration (10G) standards and an ambient operating temperature range of -5 C to +45 C these cameras are built to operate and last in even the most demanding industrial environments – providing users with low-cost-of-ownership.

JAI’s monochrome line scan cameras can be used in many high speed machine vision applications including food sorting, pharmaceutical label inspection, postal sorting, sports, general web inspection and traffic applications such as train, railway, container and vehicle inspection.

All models offer an excellent price/performance ratio, so the budget can be stretched further, getting more cameras for the same investment.

Model ResolutionLine RateInterfacePixel Size
8192x1100KHzPoCL3.75 x 5.78 µm