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Alvium 1800 U-050M

Versatile USB camera with PYTHON 480 sensor

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Alvium 1800 U-050M

Alvium USB cameras are designed for use in both machine vision and embedded applications. Offering high image quality and reducing workload for the host, Alvium enables innovation among system designers. The innovative ALVIUM System on Chip (SoC) performs image corrections and preprocessing tasks onboard the camera instead of the host computer. Unlike FPGAs commonly used in machine vision cameras, the ALVIUM SoC is extremely power efficient. With Alvium, integrating hardware and software can be done effortlessly, which ultimately reduces development time. The ON Semi PYTHON 480 CMOS sensor enables imaging at 0.5 megapixel and 115 frames per second. Color models ship with an IR cut filter, monochrome and S-Mount models ship without a filter or protection glass.

  • PYTHON 480 CMOS sensor
  • ALVIUM image processing
  • USB3 Vision
  • Various hardware options
Model Alvium 1800 U-050M 
InterfaceUSB3 Vision
Resolution808 (H) × 608 (V)
SensorON Semi PYTHON 480
Sensor typeCMOS
Sensor sizeType 1/3.6
Pixel size4.8 µm × 4.8 µm
Shutter modeGlobal shutter
Max. frame rate at full resolution117 fps at ≥ 200 MByte/s, Mono8
ADC10 Bit
Image buffer (RAM)256 KB
Non-volatile memory (Flash)1024 KB
Quantum efficiency at 529 nm53 %
Temporal dark noise14.5 eˉ
Saturation capacity7230 eˉ
Dynamic range54 dB
Absolute sensitivity threshold14.9 eˉ
Bit depthMax.10 Bit
Monochrome pixel formatsMono8, Mono10, Mono10p
TTL I/Os4 programmable GPIOs
Operating temperature+5 °C to +65 °C (housing)
Power requirements (DC)Power over USB 3.1 Gen 1 | External power 5.0 V
Power consumptionUSB power: 1.5 W (typical) | Ext. power:1.7 W (typical)
Regulations2014/30/EU; 2011/65/EU, incl. amendment 2015/863/EU (RoHS); FCC Class B digital device; CAN ICES-003 (B) / NMB-3 (B)

Configure Your Camera

Closed Housing


1800 U-050M    C-Mount

Order code : V213614


1800 U-050M CS-Mount

Order code : V213613


1800 U-050M    S-Mount

Order code : V213612


1800 U-050M   C-Mount

Order code : V214148


1800 U-050M   CS-Mount

Order code : V214147


1800 U-050M    S-Mount

Order code : V214146

Open Housing

Open Housing

1800 U-050M   C-Mount

Order code :  V211905


1800 U-050M   CS-Mount

Order code :  V211904


1800 U-050M    S-Mount

Order code :  V211903


1800 U-050M   C-Mount

Order code : V211877


1800 U-050M     CS-Mount

Order code : V211876


1800 U-050M     S-Mount

Order code : V211875

Bareboard Housing


1800 U-050M

Order code : V211902


1800 U-050M

Order code : V211874

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